Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Glue Baste for EPP. (lots of photos alert!)

While I have already recorded a couple of videos on the glue basting technique, there are those that learn better via blog/ photos.
I try to teach in a very step by step style so I think this will help alot of you that have been asking questions. 

Don't forget our Mystahhhhry Along with Hillbilly starts the 25th..only a few days away!
You don't have to do a SINGLE THING right now except pick out your fabric, but so many folks are working ahead and anxious to go.
The Mystahhhhry Along with Hillbilly Group is gaining excitement with people posting photos of fabric and stars!
(Remember we are only making ONE star!!)

Anyway lets get started. 

To prepare my fabric I starch and press TWICE with professional non flaking starch.
I don't use Best Press. It is not stiff enough to make me happy.
( You can view my little boy teaching all about fabric prep RIGHT HERE on YouTube.
Go ahead. Watch it. He's too cute to pass up!)

After fabric prep I make sure I am well stocked up on sewing glue sticks and refills.
I am pretty picky about my glue. I prefer the pink glue instead of the blue.
Bad thing is I have a bunch of blue on hand (I save the pink for you all that order it off my website.)
So my glue pen looks all gross in the photos. Well, the blue glue is a gloppy mess compared to pink so that's how it goes.
At the time of this writing I am out of glue in my shop, but within 18 hours more will be arriving via FedEx to save us and you can find it available for purchase RIGHT HERE.

Now, enough prep, let's get to the process.

I starch my fabric from the backside, and work from the backside.
This is why I never use templates. Or viewing windows.
I just use my fabric, my glue stick, and my paper piece to work.

I don't usually have any idea how my fussy cutting will turn out when I am working. I like the surprise for one and for two..most importantly... I can't tell from the front where I will find the perfect glue points. So I just work from the back and enjoy my surprise.
Confused... just watch:

Looking at this little peacock here.
NON symmetrical by request.
I grab my paper piece and start trying to find little points that I can line it up easily time after time for each fussy cut. I am usually happy if I just get three of the four sides of the diamond. You will rarely find the perfect spot on all four sides. Sometimes I can only get two points..and in that case I just am very, very careful to be exact each time. 

The middle dot in the flower below is the top point of my diamond. 

I often use "edges".  If a point doesn't really go anywhere I look for an edge that my paper piece can line up with a fabric design edge.
In the photo below, the right side of my diamond will be lining up with the bottom edge of that yellow flower. 

Now I do love it when I find little points on my fabric. For the bottom part of my diamond I'll be lining up the bottom point  or "V" of that peacock feather (pink circle at the bottom of the photo). 

Now is when I get sloppy. SO MANY people in the EPP world are always saying, "Don't use very much glue". Well, true if using school glue. But if using sewing glue, on this huge diamond, GLOP that stuff on. I like zig zag and cover the entire diamond. (Not just in the middle as shown.)
WHY? Well because I did all that work to line everything up perfectly and I for sure don't want it to come unglued. It's happened. More than once. It made me sad.
So, I ignore everyone else in the EPP world, do my own Ms Hillbilly Thang and I cover that sucker.
(It still pops off easily later.) 

Turn it over, stick it on those points and you are good to go!
Now you just cut it out. 

At first I cut it out a bit messy just to get it away from the rest of the fabric.

Then I go back and eyeball 1/4" allowance, cleaning up the edges a bit.
You don't have to. I just can't live with a messy edge. It bugs me. 

Alrighty now we are going to glue.
To glue, you can either glue on the paper itself, or the fabric.
I tried gluing to the fabric for awhile, and some like that way better.
Ms Hillbilly likes gluing on paper.

One thing, no matter which way you go, is you cannot glue right on the edge. Leave that edge (shown with the pink arrows) of the paper unglued so that you can sew more easily through it later. 

Now just start gluing. One single line is enough. Start with your diamond/fabric top at the top EVERY single time. Then glue on the right side.
Stick that puppy down.
DON'T TUG ON IT! Just bend it over and glue.

Rotate counter clockwise once and glue the second edge. 

Rotate counter clockwise again and glue the third edge. 

Once you get the fourth edge done, turn it over and look how pretty! 

By always starting at the top, and working your way counter clockwise around, your little taggies on the bottom of the diamonds will fit together nicely when you get ready to piece your quilt. 

See? All tucked in nice and neat. 

Now, I don't usually glue the edges until after I've basted all mine down. (Unless I want to try just one to see if it meets my satisfaction. )
I actually take my first basted one and line it right up next to where I am working for the second one so that I can use it for a reference.
(Lay down and look at this photo. My ipad didn't want to turn it right no matter how I tried. ) 

Now, of my little peacocks above, I only had enough for 6 of my diamonds.
So I had to pick a different spot for my other 6.
This Mr. Peacock faces the other direction, which means he totally messes up my reference points.
I had to make some new ones.

I have no idea where the photos to the new  those went.
I probably random messaged them to somebody on Fb.
Sorry whoever got random peacock photos.
The point is I had to make new points.
And either way, they were not symmetrical and still look pretty neat.

Here are the first six peacocks, whatcha think?

Or there are the second six, like them better? 

Or here is every other one.
I'm not a fan. I will use one of the two above.
Will let you know which on the 25th!

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  1. Beautiful fabric and my personal choice would be the second one ( middle) but I do like the first one. Like you not a big fan of the ones facing each other. Whatever it will look amazing.