Friday, September 18, 2015

Mirror Play

Even though we have not officially started the Mystahhhry clues yet, everyone knows that 6 of the 12 large diamonds create a center star. So when the first clue releases Sept. 25th...I'll probably release the second clue as well. 

I never use a quilters design mirror because I like the element of surprise when I sew my pieces together. I am almost always pleasantly surprised at the kaleidoscope I was thinking would turn out well. 

For my shop, a prebuy of beautiful fabric just arrived.  I could not help taking some photos for you. The photos are a bit muted as this is a soft print. In person it is beautiful! After testing a bunch of different prints, I do believe this will be my choice for this quilt. I like that its not my normal "blue" and that it's a softer look than I normally use. My husband might actually like this quilt! (He doesn't share my love of making kaleidoscopes. ) 

If you would like to purchase some, I looked at my distributor and it is already sold out. Fabric. com only has a few left as well..and I mean a very few. At the time of this writing they only had 12 yards. 
So.. you gotta be fast. It is called Tuscan Wildflower by Robert Kaufman. 

First of all let's look at the mirror: 

It is just basically two small mirrors (an 8 x 10 would work) taped together.
The one I am using I spent way too much for on a quilt website.

I especially spent too much considering I've barely used it and the tape is coming off, there at the hinge.
Save yourself money, go buy some small mirrors and hinge them with duct tape.

You need to use whatever paper piece you will be sewing with to gage the distance to open your mirrors. This will give you the exact degree, for the exact amount of repeats.
(If machine sewing then just make a quick template from paper).

Now for this first group, I am going to let the photos do the talking.
But I started at the top of the purple area just to the left of the center (bottom) of the photo.

Then I took photos, moving the mirror just an inch or so up each time. 

Then I moved over to a different repeat, this time just above that cream area in the top center of this photo: 

And I took photos working my way back down the print:

I have NO IDEA which diamond/star I will make.
I need to ship some orders and do some other things for my Ozark Fabric group today before I can play.
You will know for sure on the 25th..cuz I sort of have to decide before then!

Now hurry and buy this it Fabric. com if you want some! I've been watching MSQC and haven't seen them post it yet but hoping they do. I want some coordinates... and its cheaper for me to go there!
Otherwise I'll be meeting you at the other place to buy some as well.

Now I have to go hide these mirrors. They distract me!
Did I ever tell you I love kaleidoscopes?


  1. I think I'd have to do an eeny miney mo with this fabric. They're all beautiful. Good luck picking one. I can't wait to see which one you choose.

    1. I keep looking back at this blog post to see them. This truly is the first time I will use mirrors to help, and there are so many to choose from! I may have to go my old route..just look at the fabric and see what looks neat in my mind and glue it, then see the result when I am sewing.

  2. I love the way Kaleidescopes work out. You just have to go WOW. Love the fabric

    1. Me too, they are so much fun to play with.
      I guess I wont be using this after all though. I had a request for a non symmetrical, so I am going non symmetrical I guess!