Monday, September 7, 2015

Shindig Mystahhhhry: And finally the last of our fabric choices!

Whew, I am glad I decided to go the blog route instead of filming these fabric selections but it's been a chore trying to explain in simple detail how to best look for fabric for this design.

You will need two more solid (or almost solid..fabric selections that are not very busy at all that read as a solid. ) choices.

If you will look at your fabric selections thus far, you want something "in the middle". You don't want these to be dark like your background, or the same color as your fussy cuts or your "pop" fabric. At some point in the quilt (especially if doing the FULL pattern...not so much the smaller pattern) all of these fabrics are going to touch each other. It's kind of like a square dance...they swing their partners round and round then ..switch em'. ! But, of all the fabrics, these are the middle ground fabrics. These are the ones that compliment the others without stealing the show.

You will need two colors and you will need 3/4 a yard of each, with room to spare. (If doing the small quilt I would get 1/3 yd of each with room to spare.) Again if you think you might use this in the border at all, get extra.

Here are my color selections.

For my first quilt, I used all the same fabric for both. But I've actually changed the design element just a bit since trying the test run and you will need two different fabric selections. This fabric was not a solid on all of the pieces, but it was extra from my sea horse fussy cuts and it almost read as a solid. There are very few fishies floating around on that fabric.. It was a nice "middle of the road" color, because my first quilt was an all blue and white quilt.

Now my solid for my next one was much more tricky to choose.

These are the ones I auditioned (excuse the wrinkles.):

Keeping in mind the bright green on the left is my "pop" fabric and that pink flower is a fussy cut, asl well as the bird fabric I had to find something that worked with all of those.
Therefore, I decided that neither of the pinks on the top would work. They were too similar to the fussy cut pink floral.

So I tried the brighter purple and moss green. The colors don't come out right in this photo but they really didn't look very nice together I didn't think.

So, in the end I do believe it will be the lighter purple and the green. The green is just dark enough to still allow my light green to "pop" and the purple is enough different from the pink to stand out.

If I change my mind, don't shoot me. This is what I had on hand.
I might end up going to a shop and picking something totally different!
I just might want a brighter "pop" green I think.

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  1. This is all looking wonderful. I love your fabrics that you are fussy cutting from.