Monday, September 7, 2015

Shindig Mystahhhhry: Fabric for the pieces that "pop".

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Alrighty gang!! We have talked about the BIG fussy cut fabrics, the setting fabrics, the small fussy cut fabrics.... so it is time to talk about the "Pop" fabric. Now you would think the fussy cut fabric is the fabric that makes the design pop, but there is another "Pop" that is just amazing. It is the design element that made me grow to love this design the most of all, because it just stands out and says " Look at me! ". I know that you must be thinking HOW with all this fussy cutting fabric is there going to be a spot that stands out so much?

Well if you follow my lead, it will. From here out you need solids. People love to fussy cut, but there is a tendancy to fussy cut EVERYTHING and not give any solid areas so that their fussy cut areas stand out better.

Well in this quilt, we are going to use one of those solid areas to make a statement of it's very own.

For this "pop" solid (as we will call it from now on) for the FULL shindig pattern you will be using it for a total of 108 diamond/triangle pieces (some of each). Since these are the smaller pieces that make up 'Grandpa's socks', you will only need 1/2 yard with plenty to spare. If wanting to use it in a border (strongly suggested) I would pick up several yards. If making the smaller project, a 1/4 yd will be fine.

Here are my "pop" fabrics:

For the first quilt, it was all blue, and the best fabric that would contrast it was a solid white. I had a white on white print, so I just turned it over, used the back and this was my good contrasting "pop" print:

For my next quilt, there are lots of colors to choose from. But since my small fussy cut areas are bright pink, I did NOT want pink, so I chose this green as my contrasting "Pop" print. Do you see how it stands out and contrasts so well from everything we have chosen so far?
(I might end up going to MSQC tomorrow to find one more option, I had a better green on hand but didn't have enough of it. I might go with more of a mint but you get the contrast idea.)

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