Saturday, September 5, 2015

Shindig Mystahhhhry: an Intro

I have been so busy at Hillbilly Quilt Shop.

It all started very recently when I was finishing up my latest project. I was trying to figure out whether I wanted to use the project in a book, or just take it to YouTube.

Then it hit me! I remembered how much everyone really loved the first Mystahhhhry that we did. We will do a Mystahhhhry. Only this time, it will be bigger and better!

So I did me some hillbilly contemplatin' and decided that we would do several Mystahhhhry projects. Of course there will be lots of time in between each, as hand sewing is not a fast process. But that is ok, because those of us that hand sew like to slow down and enjoy the process, huh? I also decided that I could utelize Facebook to help everyone pick out their fabric, so that will be really fun.

The first video came out this morning, which I will post below. But I have to confess. I said in the video to not sew your 6" diamonds into a star yet. But I have to share. I just have to.

I can tell you that the diamonds are very much the focal point of the quilt, and that 6 of the 12 do get sewn into a star. NOT ALL 12 so don't sew two stars if you get all fired up and work in advance. It would be best if you waited until Tuesday, but if you just can't help yourself, then yes 6 of them get sewing into a star.
(TIP: WHEN SEWING A STAR, sew the two halves first, then sew down the middle, rather than sewing all the points in a circle. Sewing them while going around a circle can lead to a tiny pin hole in the middle of your quilt. )

Now here is why I had to share. My 6" diamond star (along with some other pieces that I cannot reveal to you yet), is what caused me to name my first sample quilt "Shindig at the Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea". I was just going to release it as a pattern pack called "Shindig". I stitched this up at the hospital earlier this year when my husband was spending lots of time in KUMed. 

Oh how I wish I could show you the entire quilt because it is just AWESOME looking! Do you see those sea animals dancing around the middle? Sure looks like an Ocean Dance to me!

This is just the beginning folks. If you choose to do the ENTIRE Mystahhhry--The Shindig, I assure you, you will be so impressed and proud. But if you decide to stop after "The First Dance", then you will have a beautiful project too.

Click here for "The Shindig" paper pieces pack.  

Click here for "The First Dance" Shindig Mini paper pieces. 

Click here to go to the Mystahhhry along with Hillbilly Facebook group. 

And below is the first video of the series!


  1. Cannot wait! I'm raiding my stash today to see what fabrics I can use for a good fussy cut piece!!

  2. sew excited! and good to see which way is up or down, that it should be the long way on the diamond. Should I wait to buy until I know how many of each I'd need, that I might have on hand? don't know about the 6" diamonds, but I can figure those out :)