Monday, September 7, 2015

Shindig Mystahhhry: fabric for the 3" triangles

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 I was going to wait until tomorrow to post these but I fear people will be beating at my door soon if I don't post them now. LOL take a dose of patience because the one different thing about this mystery than other mystery quilt patterns is that we are going to be VERY SPECIFIC in fabric requirements. Because of that I am going to take my time and post about each fabric requirement in separate blog posts. This will actually help with your confusion if you take the time to go to the Shindig Mystahhhry page (top of blog) and read about each one to see WHY I make the fabric recommendation in the way that I do.

I already made a YouTube video showing what to choose for your 6" diamonds. Using that focal point fabric we will build the rest of the quilt.

On this blog post we will talk about the 3" triangle pieces. They will all be the SAME fabric (very necessary that it be the same fabric as these are your setting pieces).

For your 3" triangle pieces, refer to your fabric for your 6" diamonds. Pick the darkest color in that fabric that is NOT the background color of that fabric. (see below).

For the first quilt I made, I used this fabric and dark blue was the darkest color: 

So I made solid dark blue triangles:

For my next quilt that I am sewing along with you all...umm blue is the darkest color again!
(I seem to quilt in blue all of the time but mainly because the designers I use seem to have a blue fettish).

For your fabric for your 3" triangles, you want either a solid or something that almost reads as a solid or blends in really well. You do NOT want to fussy cut these. They will not look good fussy cut.

Here are the triangles I am using to match this fabric ( I know you can't see it well..thats fine. It won't be used on top of this fabric). :

Notice that I did not use the solid background color of my focal fabric. (the black). That would not look good at all. You want color that is different than your focus fabric background.
Again use THE DARKEST FABRIC that matches for these triangles.

When cutting out the triangle fabric, if you will just put a spot of fabric glue (from your gluestick) on the paper pieces to hold them in place as so, leaving room for seam allowance on all pieces, you can make the most use of your fabric.

Lining them out as such you would need 2/3 a yard for the Shindig FULL patternOr 1/4 yd for the smaller FIRST DANCE pattern. 

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