Monday, September 7, 2015

Shindig Mystahhhry:174 small fussy cut pieces

(If you have stumbled upon this post, it will be confusing to you unless you read through everything in order listed on the Page up top called Shindig Mystahhhhry).

After you have picked out your focus fabric (that I talked about in the video) and the triangle 'setting'  fabric (that I blogged about in the last post), it is time to consider your next fussy cut pieces.

Besides the large diamond areas there are two more areas of our quilt that should be fussy cut. These fussy cut pieces do not need to be symmetrical, but do need to look good on a small scale as you will be cutting them out of both 1.5" triangles and 1.5" diamonds. Use your 1.5" diamond to determine the fussy cut area. The pattern will be cut off a bit for the triangles but it won't matter, and we will learn about that when the time comes. We will NOT BE CUTTING THESE NOW.
All we are doing at this point is getting the fabric picked out.

There are two areas that need fussy cut for the FULL Shindig pattern.
One area has 48 of the exact same fussy cut, and 126 of another fussy cut.

If you are doing the smaller FIRST DANCE pattern, you will only need 48 of the same fussy cut.

I know this seems like a TON but in a small, repeating print its really not much fabric at all. I cannot give yardage requirements because it depends on what you choose! See below and it will help you understand:

For my first quilt, I used this fabric for my first 48 exact same fussy cuts:

Obviously I was able to get 48 pretty easily.
For my next fussy cut area I needed 126 of the exact same design or motif.
So I went with these little guys:

On those I used a TON more fabric to get the fussy cuts I needed, but it is ok because I will turn around and use the pieces that others might call "waste" in my quilt borders.
(Border fabric requirements are not included in the design, so you might consider picking up extra fabric if you want to use any of your fussy cut fabrics in the borders. )

For my next quilt, I liked this motif a bit:

But then I decided this one stands out more so I am going to use it:

I am actually going to use it for all 174 combined fussy cut pieces. While your fussy cut pieces can be divided into 48 then 126 for a total of 174, they NEED TO BE IN THE SAME COLOR FAMILY.

Of my top quilt the mosaic diamonds and the seahorses were all blue so they were ok being used in the two different sections. For the bottom quilt, I don't really have anything that matches that bright pink, and needing them to all be in the same color family, I am just going to use it for all 174 pieces.


Some of the 174 pieces are triangles instead of diamonds!


  1. are these for the BIG or the small? I still haven't looked at my pieces, I might end up ordering the small set and be done with it :)

  2. It gives requirements for the full and the small pattern. FYI the large is way more cool than the small but you could reuse the papers to move on to the large

  3. Would it be possible for you to put the 6" diamonds, the 3" triangles and the 1.5" pieces all on one pic with fabric choices? It gets confusing now especially when you show other peoples choices. Us older folks need plenty of pictures to be able to relate. LOL