Friday, October 9, 2015

Clue 5 already? Mystahhhhry along with Hillbilly

I cannot believe we are already at Clue 5!!! 

There really aren't that many clues left in the first dance. Then we move on to the rest of the Mystahhhry and those steps will take a bit longer but so super exciting that you first dance people may not be able to resist. I will get the Finish the Dance packages posted up on my website within the next week or so. I cannot promise a date just because I seem to be too busy looking at pumpkins all day, but I will do it soon. 

Anyway, let's get to clue 5! 

With this clue, which is a super easy one, I am going to tell you what to do with your:

3" Setting Triangles

These are the 3" setting triangles that I am using for my peacock quilt.
As you can see they aren't basted yet, just glued down.
I need to get them basted asap!!
As I previously promised, you can slowly work through basting them as you need them. 

The triangles below are the ones I used in my oceanic tester quilt for this pattern. 

Now here is where you all need to LISTEN CAREFULLY!!!!

If you are doing the ENTIRE SHINDIG, 
then you need to sew a triangle at the top and bottom of your Grandpa's socks that we just made for the last clue. See below. 

If you are doing THE FIRST DANCE ONLY,
then you need to sew the setting triangles to the BOTTOM ONLY of Grandpa's socks, 
as shown below. 

Here is my ocean grandpa's socks for the FULL Shindig: 

And here is what they would look like as the first dance: 


From now on whenever you make a Grandpa's sock, you need to give it some setting triangles.

Is it nice to know what to do with those?


I am loving the Mystahhhry Along with Hillbilly facebook group because not only does it allow me to see everyones projects but I can also judge how everyone is doing on their sewing time and if we need to slow up a bit.
And since I've only seen one person post 6 completed Grandpa's Socks I think we need to slow up a little bit . This new clue is a super easy one so that will help everyone catch up too.

Clue six will be posted on October 25th via YouTube and blog.
That gives you 15 days, which I know seems like forever but you have a lot of basting you can do if you do get ahead. Please remember to post progress to the group as it helps me judge how long to give you all for the next clue.

If you wanted to share your pics in other EPP groups and tell them about the mystery I would let you.
And thank you . Big time. 

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  1. Just so you know I am done to date with the work from the clues. On facebook I was on my son's account James Smith. Thanks for all your kind words (and thoughts). I don't think I am up for the Shindig, besides my second mid color is all gone.;-(. The first dance seems plenty for me. I like to work on several crafts at one time and this is just enough mystery for me this go round.;-)