Sunday, November 22, 2015

Clue ten, stitchin tips, agility tests and more!

Sorry, no video. I know you all LOVE videos and I actually really wanted to film this one but since it's just little ol' me, and no big studio, when it comes to video making I have to completely transform my living room. I use a 3 point lighting system, so that is three big tripods and 2 large umbrellas. Then the camera makes for a 4th tripod. Add that to a 5 year old, usually his two friends, a husband that walks with a cane and a dog and often the neighbor dog sneaks in..can you imagine??
(Hillbilly needs a studio.)

Then, even worse, it means the family has to leave me alone and be quiet. Pfft! It's just so much easier to photograph the steps, then you never even know the chaos going on around me while I write your blog post.
(My son just streaked by..and I do mean streaked.. see I am telling you. Chaos.)

At the bottom of this post I am hoping I can explain some helpful hints to those of you that have asked me some questions. I will film these hints eventually, but with the holiday and no school it might take until the next week.
For now I offer you this:


For clue 9 you should have 12 of these finished. 


Place two of them side by side as below and stitch them together.

When you finish you should have 6 of these little row thingies:
(That's a new one, huh? I TOLD you that after the first dance we would totally swing a different direction. )

Below of the back of two of them side by side.
I am going to use this photo to try to help some of you with your stitching questions.

Basically I think your questions can be summarized like this: 

"What do we do when the pieces are too large, for instance if we did a large piece next to a row with a lot of small pieces so all of a sudden we have fabric between all those pieces which makes the pieced row longer than the non pieced row". or "Some of my pieces came out larger than others, what do I do? "Ok first of all, you need to remember this is fabric, and fabric often has to be eased into place. When you sew sleeves onto a shirt you often ease a larger piece and make it work with a smaller piece.
 But the problem with EPP is we have those pesky papers. So the papers make it SEEM like we can't ease it into place.
Here is your handy tip of the day:
Just make that paper bow in submission to you. Don't take no for an answer. It will try. It will fight you. It will try to take control over and over again. But do not let it. Be strong! Be brave! Master the paper!
I actually ... you aren't going to believe this.. but
Everyone uses them..but for me they get in my way. Every time I take a stitch I am realigning it back up.
(Yes I know, this is where a video would be helpful. )

When I, for whatever reason, have pieces that don't fit quite right, I first am very careful with the direction I start with in my stitching. Then I make it fit by overpowering the paper. You wont believe how nice it lies when you take that paper out of there.  

On the photo of these pieces, I actually drew dots and arrows to show you where I knot and sew. 

1) Knot at the left of arrow one, sew right, knot at the end of the arrow at the joint. 

2) Knot at the right of arrow two, sew left, knot at the joint. 

3) Go way to the other end. Knot at the right of arrow 3, then sew left to the joint and knot it. 

4)  On four start in the middle and knot it, then sew right to the joint and knot it. 

5) Go back to the middle and make an X with your stitching, usually this is four knots for me. 

I sure hope that helps you understand a bit? A little maybe?
Until I can film it??


Due to the fact that I don't think anyone has clue 9 done, and that it's a big holiday week here in the states, plus people are trying to holiday sew, let's give extra time for this step. Its a super easy one so that helps.
Clue 11 will be released Wednesday December 2nd.
This gives you a week and half to catch up.
Sound good?

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