Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mystahhhry Along with Hillbilly: Shindig Clue 7!

Now is the time of the mystery when I, as the designer start to get nervous. 
I know that I love my designs, but how do I know that YOU will love the design? 

Here is what I do know: Some will like it and some won't. That's how it is. Because we are all different. We all have different tastes. 

After clue 7 those of you that are doing the First Dance only will have to make a big decision. Stop now or move on? Clue 8 is the same for both mysteries but clue 9 is when the first dance people say "So long", "Farewell", "Had a great time but it's time for me to go" , Or "I am still here but I am sitting this one out"... 


Maybe they will say, "that was fun, let's finish this thing", " I want to darn more of Grandpa's socks! " , "Take me for another spin". 

So decision time is coming my friends!

At this point you should have 12 Grandpa's socks all darned and ready to swing.

If you look at them closely, you will notice they are really the same, especially if you chose not to fussy cut your fabric. Below are the same two blocks. I just turned the right one.
Now I know this is when I'll get a few complaints. Why lead you on a path to sew the exact same thing? Well because MY design was designed for fussy cut pieces, so they had to be sewn as such.
On this one I even have directional prints.
(although as you will see later I thought it out wrong, glued some wrong and they won't be going the right way. I don't have enough fabric to fix them so they will remain that way. )

If you did the First Dance, you should have  6 of the left, 6 of the right. 

If you are doing the Full Shindig, you should have 6 of the left and 6 of the right. 

So for clue 7 you are going to attach them so that the pop fabric goes up and away from each other.
My gold is my pop.
See how they go away from each other?
(put them next to your star and you will "get it" )
Below is what the First Dance clue 7's will look like.

And if doing the Full Shindig, below is what your clue 7's will look like.
Mine is not as crooked as the pic makes it look. It just wasn't playing nicely for it's photo session. 

Now clue 8 has to be pretty self explanatory.
Get your star and see if you can't figure it out, bet you can!

The next clue release will be via video because I will need to be showing the First Dance people how to make a finish.
THEN we get to twirl in an entire new direction for our Full Shindig folks.
Can't wait!
See you with that video hopefully no later than Sunday. 


  1. Did you ever actually post Clue 8?

    1. If you move along to clue 9 it shows that most figured it out already as it was strongly hinted at in the facebook group. Sorry you missed the hint.
      But if you will look at nine you will see how clue 8 is sewn to the star.