Sunday, November 15, 2015

So long, Farewell our First Dance friends!

This is the time when we bid farewell to our friends that are only doing The First Dance part of the mystery. 

Now before I go on I need you First Dance people to understand one thing: The mystery was written for the FULL Shindig. When we began I realized that there were some that would be a intimidated by the full pattern so I found a good stopping point to make a much smaller pattern. That being said, I had to leave some design elements out until now or it would have been too confusing keeping the two mysteries separate all along. It was much easier to just keep them hand in hand up until this point. 

If you've picked up the hints along the way, then you will note that your pieces should be joined to your star.
Your quilt top should look something like this, only you wont have the little outer points sewn on
(mine is a FULL shindig so my points are sewn on). 

You should have 12 of these left, correct?

Ok we are going to place them in this wide zone here:

They should look like this. Now I KNOW we could have used diamonds here, but as part of the mystery for the full shindig the triangles were sewn on as settings for the blocks.
To finish the First Dance we had to take them and move them, so that left you with two triangles where a diamond could have been.
What's a few more stitches among friends?

Alright, now that leaves this little part that needs help.
What to do???!!!? ! ? !
When you were younger did you ever read those "Choose your own ending" mysteries?
The ones where you got so far and you could turn to one page for one ending or another page for a different ending?
Well that is what you get to do with your quilt.
I did not include the pieces because I didn't know which ending you would want to choose. You can easily just pop them out from any finished area of the quilt.

Option 1: You can just put a triangle in this place.

Option 2: Grab a diamond and two small triangles and finish out the design

Option 2 will look a bit nicer because it will finish your Pop Star.
But either way works.

Now when I first began this mystery I promised you that I would show you other options. The entire reason for this mystery was to show ways to use the "Grandpa's Socks" hexagon shape and think of it in new ways you had never thought of before.

What if you removed all your papers from above, ironed them all nice and flat again, recycled them, and what if you made this?
I am actually going to make this. If you will remember I had that really pretty soft purplish print that is still waiting on me and I want to make it into this pattern.
I will make my small fussy cut where the yellow is. It should be really pretty.

Ok, well I hope you have enjoyed your journey you first dance folks.
If you don't know how to finish your quilt edges, we will discuss that another day.
Now you really REALLY have to decide whether to move on with the FULL shindig or not because we are moving on with the very next blog post !

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  1. aufwidersehen (I think that's how it's spelled :)
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