Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time for the Final Dance!

Alright, from here on out the clues will be for you brave FULL Shindig dancers.
Its time to darn some more of Grandpa's socks.
At this point your quilt top should look like this: 

And for your next clue, I just did some editing on the clue 3 photo.
Yep, same stuff. Only doubled.
Don't forget to attach your diamonds at the top and the bottom of the Grandpa's socks when you are finished with them. 

Let's see, I have given you 12 socks to sew up.
So let's try one week..the next clue coming in next Sunday.
How does that sound? I know that is a lot to sew in a week, but clue 10 is a much smaller job so there will be catch up time.
Meet me in facebook and I must say I am VERY EXCITED to show you this part of the mystery. It changes from here on !!

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