Thursday, December 31, 2015

Clue 13: A Reason to Celebrate !

First of all I must say that trying to blog via mobile is AWFUL! 
For a big Internet company, you would think google would get their act together when it comes to blogger. So if this doesn't look like my normal post, forgive me but I wanted to get this next clue posted for you on time, and I'm using the ridiculously basic blogger app that has no options at all. I can't even access the pages to link this. I will tomorrow. 

Now I was going to give you the DEAD GIVEAWAY but after reading some comments I decided it's time to give everyone a little pick me up. Something to encourage you and inspire you to get back on track. 

I know EPP work can be tedious when it's the same thing over and over the Grandpa Socks have been. But we are actually getting close to the end now and it's time for it to get exciting. I was thinking there is no better way to kick off the new year and stir mystery excitement than to dig out your big diamonds and add them to your quilt. 

It's pretty easy, just sew them into the 'Vs' all the way around. 

I was pretty excited to find this pic on my phone taken of my sample quilt. It shows better where to sew those second diamonds in: 
Isn't it pretty? Trust me in person, the blue ocean quilt is just as cool as the peacocks. 

Here is a better close up of the peacocks. I'll get a full shot of all the peacocks tomorrow and post it in the mystery group on Facebook. 

Remove your first big diamonds from the center before you begin sewing. (See below.)
This will make it easier to sew the seams without having to fold thru the papers. 

Well I hope this clue is exciting for you all. 
Happy 2016 everyone. It will be a great year for stitching! 
The next clue will release on January 10th. 
And that time it will have to be THE DEAD GIVEAWAY. 
Ten days folks. Can you catch up? 

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