Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Clue Eleven:Mystahhhhry Along with Hillbilly (taking it slow)

I asked over in the
Mystahhhhry Along With Hillbilly Facebook group
if anyone was finished with clue ten.
Um, nope.
I think I am the only one.
I am FINALLY ahead of you guys!!!
YES.. (cuz really that is how it should be you know. )
For this clue today I am halfway there, I have the pop and tonal A finished but that is it. (sigh.)
Still I'll have them finished soon and will show you.

Just like Clue 9, today's clue is a repeat of an earlier clue.
Remember this one (below)?
Well, repeat it and double it. (So make 12 Grandpa's socks.)

When you get finished, you should STILL HAVE 6 socks left to make.
Those final socks are the DEAD GIVEAWAY.
Yep, they are. When I show you those, if you are good at your detective skills, then you will say
OH I SOLVED IT..even though I won't have released it all quite yet.

But, alas, we are running behind and Christmas is just around the corner. So, I am sorry to say that I don't think we will finish before Christmas. I am going to have to slow this down even more since no one has finished clue 9 yet much less clue 10.
This clue 11 will take awhile too.
So therefore, Clue 12 won't make it's appearance until Sunday the 20th.

It's an easy one (its just clue ten repeated if you want the truth.)

How about for Christmas I give you the DEAD GIVEAWAY.
So December 20th is clue 12.
December 25th is clue 13.

Yep, that is exciting stuff there.

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