Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shindig: Some pointers

Now that some people are completing their blocks, it is time to explain some things.

First: Finishing.

For MOST of you this was a first EPP quilt a long project. For MANY of you it was a first EPP project. For SOME of you this was your first ever STAR undertaking.

About the finishing of the project. First I want to refer you back to the page and my first ever post. I'll take direct quotes from that page:

The EPP portion of this pattern finishes 62.5" from point to point. You will be making it a bit larger than this. You can add even more to make it larger than that. I cannot reveal anymore until the pattern is done or the mystery would be ruined 


  OTHER FABRIC--there will be other fabric requirements later, if I reveal them now it would give away part of the mystery.

Since the EPP portion is a STAR, I couldn't reveal how much fabric was needed for the background! But since it is a background, you will want a solid or a very very subtle blender. Otherwise your star will get totally lost.
So how do you figure out how much fabric you need?

Well that depends on how you will finish your project. The most popular way will be to applique' the star down onto a background fabric of whatever size you will like. Then you can add borders, even making EPP borders to finish the quilt to the size you need. Those big diamonds can be used in the corners of awesome borders!
There are so many quilt calculators out there but the Quilter's Paradise website calculators are my favorite. So easy, just punch in how large you want the quilt to be, and if you are using the standard 43" cotton woven or wideback. It has room for "extra".

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE BACKING CALCULATOR. (which is the best for this use).

Some of you might like to make triangle pieces so that you do not have to waste the "under the star" fabric. (I, for one, am always short of solids it seems so I am happy to have an excuse to cut away my solid from under my star applique and save it for another project,)


Finally, some of you might want to leave it as a star. In that case, you can add a border on using EPP or even your machine OR you can just leave the star as is. Remove the papers and cut your batting/ backing (with seam allowance) to fit.

I WILL eventually show you BOTH of my quilts so you may see how I finished them. But they will take time as I want to surprise you and if you know me then you know it seems like all I ever do is jump from one job to the next. I will say both will be the applique' method. But I am not going to stress and fret over trying to hurry and get them finished. I do hope you will understand that I just do not have time to sew as much as many of you, but I do love to share and teach. Many times I can just get the project just 'so far' and then I have to stop and run to the next teaching project. This used to stress me to no end. (Well it still does sometimes..just ask my husband concerning my rant about it this past week.) But, due to the fact that I am now the main bread winner, and care taker and mom to my little guy.. well, these have to come first.

I've learned a few things from this mystery:

People will hop on board just because its the thrill of the mystery..whether they are clueless or not. LOL

People do not want to take any extra steps..even if it is because you are trying to show the design capibilities of a certain block. 

Free pattern or not... there will always be naysayers. I learned this real fast when first beginning to film videos.  Then a wise person told me: "Look at your biggest critiques. They don't even film videos. They don't have a clue what it is like." Huh. Eye opener. So, I pressed forward and quit asking opinions. Same with this project. This was my first large mystery release and I learned some things. And I got criticism. And I will press forward, learning my lessons as I go.

The majority of quilters are thrilled, thankful, encouraging. You guys have been awesome. Thank you. I am so excited to start the next mystery with you. This time I will blog it fully in advance. And this time..its a hexagon so no 'extra' fabric surprises at the end.

As for the Shindig, keep watching! I want to share my finishes but they are so exciting and I get so frustrated when weeks go by that I can't sew. This week I had full intentions to have my star done but we ended up at the hospital twice. You gotta be patient with this hilbilly. My husband walks a fragile path and I hold his hand every step of the way.
Thank you!

~~ Hillbilly~~

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mysterious Plans

I have had several people asking if I am going to leave the clues up for this mystery, and how long I will keep them there if I do plan to remove them. 

I will leave the Shindig page functioning as long as I have space to do so. Once the photo of the finish is released, you will no longer really need the clues unless you decide to NOT look at the finish and do the mystery step by step without sneaking a peek. 

I am not releasing a photo of the finish until at least two people show me a photo of their finished solved mystery. Once it has been solved by others, I will show you a finished drawing plus change the photo of it on my website. 


I am currently working feverishly on a book (well I know I have the one that has met with too many disappointments but this is a different one. ). I have a team of folks helping me, and we are trying to push it through and get it done so it can fund me taking time off work for a surgery. So, I am in total design mode, basting project after project for the book. When I design I do all my glue basting as I go. 

Well last night into the early morning hours and again this morning I designed a new quilt which I thought was going to be for the book. But, this morning as I finished, I realized,  I just can't let it happen. It is the PERFECT Mystahhhry along with Hillbilly project!

So..I guess, folks, we have another mysery coming! This time though, I will be blogging about it all in advance, so it will be prescheduled, and I won't be stressed trying to keep up.

Also, It is much easier than the last one..far less pieces in the overall quilt and while there are fussy cut sections, none have to be perfect! They don't kaleidoscope or mirror,  so therefore easier to accomplish.

You will like this mystery folks. If you didn't join the first one because it looked too slow and tedious, then this mystery is for you. Nothing slow or tedious about it!

I don't know how to make a fancy blog button but I will be sharing this photo around. If you like to add buttons to your blog, then feel free to grab it and use it. I would just link it back to my blog in general until the mystery begins. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Dead Giveaway!

Just Fussy Cut framed by solid/tonal A and B

Make 6.

Add your triangles.

Grandpa's Socks are FINALLY done.