Sunday, February 21, 2016

He gets his dance..

A few days ago I posted my finished Shindig quilt on Facebook and am overwhelmed by the response to it. Thank you everyone!! 

When I named the pattern "Shindig" it is because of all the potential for fussy cut characters to dance around that pattern. For every pattern that I design and sew up, I almost always sew up two samples. I just cannot stand letting go of one until I've seen it in different fabric to see what it would do! 
On the Shindig Mystahhhry I actually started with an Ocean quilt but sat it aside when I saw where I was going with the peacocks. For now the ocean is tucked away with my other Atlantis quilt for 'someday'. 

I've been accused of falling out of love with my original Atlantis quilt but that is not the case. I just simply do not have the time ever to complete them. Hand sewing, then moving to hand quilting literally takes hours upon hours upon hours. If you know me well, then you know this is something I do not have. And since my "thing" is design..then once the design is there, the quilt has to be set aside so that I may move on to the next design. This has beeen really tough for me to deal with because I HATE ufo's. Once I sent away every UFO I had. Now I've got 5-6 again and I am trying to learn patience. I won't always work as much as I do now and they will be ready for me when I can pick them up again. In the meantime... I move on to the next design! 

ANYWAY.. about the Shindig. 
Here are a few snapshots of the Ocean one from way back when I was still in design stage..way before I ever introduced it as a mystery quilt. I cannot wait for the 'someday' to finish it because I want it to be as dazzling as my Peacocks turned out to be. It is actually much further along than these photos, I think I only have about three of the last three sides to sew on the outside edge but I didn't have a photo handy. That's can be surprised by it someday!

If you've not been around Facebook then I guess you haven't seen my peacock finish. Now this really isn't finished at all. It's just glued down at this point. I'm actually going to film some videos about technique. (Really, I am! I have already prewarned my son--camera man-- they are coming!!)

I also need to make borders and I plan to piece them so this is not the end of Mr. Peacock. But as you can see he is really strutting his stuff hoping to catch the attention of some ladies at the Shindig.

So while it's time to say goodbye to the Shindig mystery, a new one begins soon.
In fact, at midnight look for a post of fabric requirements.
It's a much easier mystery this time, I promise.

And p.s. The mystery page will remain on my blog as long as there is space to do so.
Also, if would like to make your own Shindig, the pieces for the star portion are available on my website. You can find them here. 


  1. Love both the quilOh to have enough time... but it will happen one day.ts.