Monday, February 22, 2016

The Center of Attention Mystahhhry: An Intro and fabric requirements

I want to begin this mystery quilt by thanking all of you. You see... (if you read my last blog post from earlier this evening) you would know that for every quilt I design, I sew up two samples. I just love to do that! I love to see the design potential with fabric changes. But, I need to get more designs out there so I need to draw the line somewhere.

Since you all are joining me on the mysteries, then that solves the problem for me! I can see your samples in other colors..and move on. So thank you.

Now a word about mysteries and $$. I would love to give away the pieces to the mystery free forever..but people..I NEED TO COME HOME to my sick husband and little boy. I do. My dream is to be home by summer when my little boy is out of school, but I really do not see that happening..short of a HUGE miracle. So here is what I am going to do for THIS mystery. (And I am undecided what to do with future mysteries, we will test on this one.)

The pieces will be for sale in my shop as before. The pdf files of the pieces will be offered for those that ask to receive them. I will email them to you for free during the duration of the mystery only. After we have solved the mystery, then you will have to pay full price for the mystery pieces pdf. When you share around you can tell folks that they are free during the mystery only.

The pieces are not available yet (It's a mystery folks! ) The paper pieces will ship out two weeks before April 1st to International buyers and the last week in March to domestic buyers. The pdf files will not be available until April 1st.

I ask one thing of you.. those that wish to have free files... PLEASE, please, PlEaSe share in groups, blogs, and other social media. Share photos of your quilts made from my designs and tell them about Hillbilly Quilt Shop. I really, really appreciate that when you do. 

NOW...lets get going! I've already started a page up top so posts for the new mystery can be found there.


The name of this mystery is "Center of Attention". 

It is based off of one of my own divided hexagon designs (ahhhhs). It's just..supersized a bit.

The quilt finishes as a hexagon.. 36" from point to point not including borders. 

It only has 55/57 pieces, which isn't alot when it comes to English paper piecing. (The 55/57 will be explained someday..wait for it. )

There are fussy cut sections, but there doesn't have to be. 

Nothing has a kaleidoscope effect so it isn't necessary that anything be fussy cut. There are some that I believe would look better fussy cut, but they are not necessary at all!

Fabric requirements are a bit easier to explain in this quilt by showing you my choices. I think you will enjoy looking for your selections. 

First of all you need to pick your Leading Role
Your entire quilt will be centered around this fabric choice. You need a large print or even a portion of a panel. The piece needs to be 13" square. Here is my leading role (although it will be chopped down a bit.) 

After you have chosen your leading roll, you need to choose Co-Stars from the same fabric line if possible. These Co-Stars still have pretty big roles in our mystery and would be best as large prints. You will need 6 each of 11" fussy cut sections. (I KNOW You all will have major questions with this one..11" square or what? Well if I told you that it would kill the mystery. But if you know you need to cut 11" from one side to the next then you will also know that you need to repeat that 6 times and that is all you need to know !)
These aren't my exact co-stars (cuz mine are all cut up and basted already and I can't show you) but these are very similar. I did use a purple floral. You will note the colors are very similar as the Leading Role. Try to keep yours in the same color family/same fabric line as well.

Next you need your Supporting Actors. One just couldn't pull off a good performance without good supporting actors. You need to pull a light color and a dark color from your leading role to be the colors for your supporting actors. You won't need much. Just 1/4 a yard of each. But these would also be good choices later for borders and binding if you want to pick up extra. (Remember it finishes as a hexagon 36" tip to tip.)

Here are my Supporting Actors. I chose to pull the purple from my Leading Role, so I have a dark and a light purple.

Next on the playbill we need the Minor Actor. This one has a very small, yet very important roll. All you need is an 1/8 of a yard, but once again this would be a fabulous piece to use in the border or binding.
The Minor Actor needs to be similar in color to the Leading Role and Co-Stars but it needs to stand out on it's own too. The best idea would be to choose a print from the same fabric line as the others. Note on my choice, while it is using the same color family, it stands out on its own and is not too close in color to the Supporting Actors..this is VERY important:

Finally, we have our Background Crew. These guys need to be a different color but we don't want them to clash. You actually could fussy cut these into 6 pieces that are 11" (again) plus you need about another 1/4 yd for some smaller background roles. (I was able to pull these smaller pieces from the discards of my fussy cuts. Now you need to be really careful about these fussy cuts. THEY ARE IN THE BACKGROUND. You don't want them big or bold. Just something nice..and backgroundish, in a different color. A smaller print from the same line would work.

Here is a fussy cut from my Background Crew. See how it's not bold and its a different color than the rest of the quilt? Very VERY important!

Oh my gosh, in typing all this out, I really REALLY want to pull fabric to make another. I need to sit on my hands.

Do you know I love fabric play? Yes, yes I do.
Good thing I work at the grocery store in the morning so that I can have time to get over my temptation. Oh wait! I have a peacock left over... oh my goodness I am running to my stash right now! He's a great Leading Role, don't you think?

A RE-CAP OF FABRIC REQUIREMENTS now that it is explained:

First choose your LEADING ROLE and it needs to be 13" square.

You need 6 CO-STARS that are 11". They do not have to be fussy cut but would look nice if they were.

You need 1/4 yard each of two different SUPPORTING  ACTORS. One light and one dark. Pull the colors from the Leading role. (Also good choices for borders and binding).

You need just 1/8 of a yard for your MINOR ACTOR but this is an excellent candidate for a border as well.

Finally, you need 6 more fussy cut sections that are 11", plus some scraps for the BACKGROUND CREW. These do not have to be fussy cut, but they do need to be a different color than the main colors in the rest of the quilt. If you don't fussy cut you will only need 1/2 yard.

Of course at the end you will need batting and backing, size determined on your personal choice of borders.


I am so excited for this Mystahhhry to begin because I think you will have fun choosing your fabric and I think that because it is large pieces, you will complete it quickly, so it will be very fun for you.

Come on April 1st!


  1. I hate to mention this, BUT I am an editor at heart. If you are using an ellipsis, please remember that it is three (3) dots, not two (2). Using 2 dots upsets Word and I have to correct all of them. (You are correct in that there are NO spaces between the last word, the ellipsis AND the next word.)

    Loving is doing,
    Judy Morin

    1. Judy Morin, I have known Tonya a LONG LONG time. She has a LOT more to worry about and do than think about one little dot! For you to think you have to correct her and take the time to do it, makes me think you are a very sad person. GET OVER IT and get back to your sewing.

  2. I tried very hard to mind my own business and not comment because I have a tendency to go too far and come across as hateful..but as you said, "loving is doing". So, just as you spread your "love", I shall spread mine. Judy, it is not ok to go around correcting people, most especially in cases where you are reaping benefits from someone else's hard work..for free. I realize it's hard being a know-it-all, as I find myself in that ugly frame of mind quite often. However, you are an adult who should possess enough self control to move past the error that so devastates your mind and move on with what I would hope would be a fulfilling life. If you find yourself on the bored end of life so much, perhaps you can find something more constructive to do with your time, such as tutor young people, helping those who truly need it. You will be doing so much by helping to broaden a young persons mind while occupying your own, then you won't have time to concern yourself so much with pointing out others mistakes and shortcomings..

    Done with love and tons of purposeful grammatical errors,

  3. I think that FAIRIES might be in order for this piece...hmm, now to find one that I want to use for it! Or maybe mermaids? Or superheroes! I might end up with a few of these...:)! So excited for this next mystahhhhry!