Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A month, New fabric ideas, writing hillbilly style and other ramblings

Did you know I have a very firm, ultra strong, super duper huge dislike of :

No, not aliens. Can't judge them cuz I've never met them.
But I've met plenty of UFO's in my own little
OUTTA THIS WORLD world of quilting.

And I don't like them.
The OLD hillbilly that used to blog over at that other blog would have stressed over them and boxed them up and mailed them away for someone else to have fun with.
But the new Hillbilly,
 (that is me, the NEW Hillbilly),
has decided that she wants to eventually make each and every quilt her own piece of art.
So, therefore, each and every UFO is getting tucked away into a box until some point they can be pulled out one at a time and finished exactly how I want them finished.
I won't be sending them away to be quilted.
I will quilt them. Someday. It might take years.
But I really WANT to finish them. MY WAY.
(To my children: When I die please just sell them at the Amish quilt auction in Jamesport. That is if I don't sell them there first. They accept quilt tops at the auction, you know. )

So why not just finish them now?
Ha! You are joking, right?
For the last 21 days straight my only days off from the grocery store job have been working Ozark fabric.

So, until my life slows just a little, I get a quilt done JUST ENOUGH to release the pattern, then it is tucked away until I can sit down and finish it right.
 (Goodbye peacocks. I am trying to not cry over you and your lack of borders. But you are nicely tucked in with my Atlantis quilt that I love but don't have the time for at the moment.)
Peacocks meet Atlantis. Interesting.

It truly is a month away from the big day when we begin our new mystery!

When I was cutting fabric for Ozark last week I was looking at various prints that would work well with this mystery.

Look at this print from Jason Yenter. It is called Dreamscape. It would make a good leading role, matching the colors for the other "characters" in our mystery: 

Or then there are my famous peacocks.
Wouldn't he look great as the leading role? I was going to use him but decided on something else I'll show you in a moment.

When I was cutting for my fabric shop, I came across this panel.
It is called "Baltimore Spring".
It would work really nice for the next mystery. The large block is perfect for your leading role.
Then the smaller blocks could work as your co stars and part of your back ground even.
I actually have at least 3 people working on this very quilt for the mystery so I decided I would make this as my second quilt and take anyone that wants to step by step through the project. 
 So, I  ordered another bolt just in case anyone else wants to join us.  It won't arrive until Mid march.
Since this panel will work for the Leading Role, Co-Stars, AND part of the background... then we need some color balance so therefore ALL OF THE SUPPORTING ACTORS SHOULD BE THE SAME FABRIC (not two different ones) if using this panel.
You will see what I mean, trust me it will work out beautifully and seriously, how hard is that?

A Recap if using the panel above (which I bought more for those interested):
You will need the following:
TWO Baltimore Springs Panels (Leading role, co-stars and background.)
ONE print of 1/2 yard for your Supporting Actors.
An 1/8th of a yard for your Minor Actor. It would look best if your minor actor were of the same color family as your Supporting Actors.
(For instance, supporting actors darker purple, minor actor lighter purple.)

It can't get any easier to pick out fabric selections than that folks!
I'll let you know when the fabric panel has arrived and is placed up for sale on the website.


nope. they are not. I've had several people email and asking.
Sorry, but I need a bit more time to have them ready and I don't want to release them too soon.


A word about my blog and the Hillbilly style.
I like to write. At one time I received awards for my writing.
And every single work that I won an award for was written in the middle of the night when I just "let it flow" and was under no pressure.

This blog belongs to me.. the Hillbilly.
I write it how I want and I don't worry AT ALL about punctuation. Sometimes I edit.
*shrugs shoulders*.
 Sometimes I don't.
Cuz it is not a book. It's a blog.
A Hillbilly blog.
And if you are copying my blog into word and getting errors, 
well, please understand, this is MY blog that you are copying and if you get Word errors, then I am sorry, but usually I hit publish and run to my next task on my list.

Someday when I have more time on my hands then maybe I'll pay more attention to editing instead of just letting whatever flies out of my head flow out of my fingers.
But that would mean so many things.
 If I had more time, my dear husband would have probably passed on, because we all know he is still living only by the Grace of God. 
 Or my sweet son will have grown up just as his siblings before him. (I have two adult children. I know they grow too fast. )
So, for now.. lemme fly by the seat of my pants publishing as fast as I can in between tasks.
And if you find grammatical errors in my blog post, then be thankful you have the time to do so, but just let them go.
I don't apologize for my lack of time in correcting errors, because for me, life is too short even for the tiny things to matter.
(Did you know that I made straight A's and LOVED grammar and LA in school and wanted to be a high school LA teacher? I know my grammar. I even... get this... I even LOVE to diagram sentences.) But time changes things. The world changes.
And my blog matches me, because I have changed.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then carry on and ignore this last section.
Thank you.


  1. Love, Love, LOVE you! I don't care how you write, I like your style. You are REAL. You are HUMAN. More humanly real than most people I know. I hope you have a wonderful day off today!

  2. Wholeheartedly agree with Barbara. Life is too short to worry about too much.

  3. You won't believe this, but I used to really like diagramming sentences. Then I changed my major to computer science and found myself diagramming flow charts and just loved it. I love your writing style and I'm glad I missed whatever the 2 dots instead of 3 was all about. <3

  4. I love this line, and can't wait till they are up. Love the way you write!

  5. great!! btw I still have your orange floral project, want it back? I did a few things with it, but again life got in the way, and not really into it now....