Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue 6

Minor Actor

it is time for you to get up on stage!

I am going to copy what I wrote about the Minor Actor from way back when in the fabric requirements post:

Next on the playbill we need the Minor Actor. This one has a very small, yet very important roll. All you need is an 1/8 of a yard, but once again this would be a fabulous piece to use in the border or binding.
The Minor Actor needs to be similar in color to the Leading Role and Co-Stars but it needs to stand out on it's own too. The best idea would be to choose a print from the same fabric line as the others. Note on my choice, while it is using the same color family, it stands out on its own and is not too close in color to the Supporting Actors..this is VERY important:

If you will remember, my Minor Actor was a multi colored fabric that looked like fairy wings. Glue baste your minor actor color to your six small diamonds.
There should be six small diamonds all together.

Once you have glue basted them, then sew them so that you have one in between each of your little winged wonders you made in your last clue.

See? I sewed it first to a right side of the winged thingie from the last clue:

Then, I sewed another wing thingie to the right of the diamond, so that your little diamond Minor Actor is right in the middle of things.
Make THREE SETS of these:

And now it is time for some climax and twist and turns and solving the mystery on your part.

Baltimore Springs has left us because I never sewed any of it at all, and my triangles need changed so it has bowed out and gone away.

I've shown you what to baste for everything except those three last large diamonds.
But those diamonds, folks, are the KEY to solving your mystery.

Your final clue is:

You have to use these last three diamonds to create the 57/55 piece that solves the mystery, and then place your CENTER OF ATTENTION: LEADING ROLE right smack in the middle where it belongs.

That's it.
 I cannot say more.

First person that shows me ( IN THE MYSTAHHHRY GROUP ON FACEBOOK) their entire top correctly laid out, with the mystery solved, gets the next mystery papers and some (not all--you'll have to choose coordinating prints) of the fabric for FREE.
NOTE: In order to win, you MUST have ALL of your pieces basted, and your quilt must be sewn up to this point, so that you have at least the three sets shown in this blog post.
You may just baste your 57/55 and show it with the other pieces all laid out, that is fine.
But I will not accept it unless it is sewn up to this point in this blog post, and 57/55 basted with the quilt laid out to show how it is finished
. You also MUST share it in the mystahhhry group on Facebook in order to win.

I'll give you all two weeks to solve the puzzle.
If no one figures it out by then, I'll share the final on Sunday, May 15th.

I cannot wait to show you mine. It is so pretty!!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue 5

EDIT: Since there was small triangle confusion, I decided to hop on here and just publish the next step so that you will know their placement. Have fun here is two clues in one day!

Let's start putting this thing together, shall we?
(Yep, there are still small and large diamonds's not time for the climax yet!)

We are going to make this winged thingie ma jiggy dobber:

You will note that when you sew on the top half hexagons, they are the sewn the opposite way than the way you sewed on the bottom half hexagons.

 It looks funky but we aren't done yet!

Now here is where I really do NOT like my Baltimore Springs triangle choices.
Good thing I am not sewing this together right now and putting it away for a rainy day.
I think my triangles will become a nice pink color in the future.
But I am glad to show you why they do NOT work out. It just really messes up the design. But you will have to endure it for the rest of the mystery because my quilt is tucked away for "someday" and I am already working on the next mystery as I type this. (In fact, it is still March when I typed this! I am way ahead of the game, yippee!!)

Since I edited and gave you two clues at once, let's work on these for 10 days.
I'll post the LAST CLUE on April 27th. Of course, it won't be solved. You'll have to solve it!
I am ornery like that.

The Center of Attention: Clue Four!

Ready to do some more sewing this week?
Watch closely as this step is VERY IMPORTANT.

You will take your triangles and sew them to your remaining hexagons.
Only you will need six that are sewn to the left
And six that are sewn to the right.
Like this:

Here they are all sewn together:

If you fussy cut your pieces, such as I did for my Baltimore Springs quilt,
then just remember that your triangle point that is DOWN needs to line up with the bottom of your half hexagon (on the short side).
I know that sounds confusing but see in the pics?
My bottom triangle point is up against the bottom of the half hexagon point.
(It makes it look like my poor little birdies are pecking the ground and are on their sides, but they won't be placed like this in the final design so trust me! It's all good! )

NOPE, it is NOT ALL GOOD. Use a nice solid!!
Ignore this...use a solid, I am telling you. SOLID!!! 

Are you starting to get excited to see it all come together?
(And, yes, I know we haven't used the diamonds yet. Wait for it! )

When we meet again, we will start sewing it all together!
Let's meet next Sunday, April 24th.
You have a week to finish these 12 pieces.
Not hard at all.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

BIG changes!

Why in tarnation don't we women sleep? I slept pert near three hours last night. Three hours ain't nuf to get no kind of that there bea-u-tie sleep them city folks is always yarnin' on 'bout.
Course, I know me how to fix all that. I'll grab me some o' that there granny's spring tonic and sleep harder 'en a grizzly bear in December.

We hillbillies, well you all know we be the hard workin type. I guess that be why I don't sleep. I be hard workin'. Hard work do pay off. Yep. It do.

Like all the changes happenin around this Hillbilly Quilt Shop. Lemme hang up my hillbilly hat and splain them to ya all fancy like using them fancy words they taught me back yonder in school:


I have been working really hard on the website. Ahhhs are gone. Yep. Gone.
If you will remember, when they came out, another company was helping me with them and many of them were their designs. So I took a good look at them and I retired a bunch of them for good.
I am working on re-numbering them so that they will be easier to access on the website. Then I'll upload pdf versions of each one so that you can print and do as you like. I am no longer going to list each individual one on the website but I will do special orders if anyone wants them packaged individually.

I will still produce pattern packs though. I will keep making more and more of them. These are "uniquely me" and that is what I wish to promote more via the website. You will see major changes in the paper piecing area as I get time to make them.

I've also divided the website into two main categories. These two categories can easily be seen up top. They are "Hillbilly Quilt Shop" and "Hillbilly's Variety Shop".

This is one of the HUGE changes coming to my little world. I am still hoping to come home. For good. So, starting with my website we are all going to work harder to bring this hillbilly home to care for her family, especially since Mr. Hillbilly is beginning to head down the sick road again. There is nothing available in the Variety shop yet, but there will be. Of course, much of it I am waiting until I can get a store front again. I am working on it, I'll tell ya that!

Speaking of the website. I made it a lot more eye appealing. At least I hope I did. Please go check it out and comment. Let me know what you think about it. You can get to it by clicking the little logo there at the top right where it says "shop Hillbilly Quilt Shop."


Finally, inventory changes. I am going to work on making them, but not sure what you all want? I have a ton of patterns I've removed from the website, but patterns just don't sell well. I think I'll focus more on notions and thread. Is there anything you wish you could find more easily?
If you want cheap embroidery patterns I'll probably promote them at deep discounts in my Facebook group "Ozark Fabric". If you are not in the group, you should be.


I hope all of you are having a wonderful time with the mystery. I am working on the next one that is due out this summer. It is FUN. Very very fun.

Anyway, please comment and tell me what you think of the changes!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue Three!

Big easy is right, huh?

Today we go back to basting and are going to be working on our

Background Crew.

Six more diamonds need to be basted with your fabric choices facing horizontally.
Now just follow the guidelines and don't overthink it!!

If you are NOT doing the Baltimore Springs panel, then this is a background piece and you will be basting your small triangles with the scraps from this as well.

Note my background choices are in a different color family than the previous diamonds/half hexagons, and that they are horizontal fussy cuts. Make 6:

For my triangles, I just used scraps.
Baste all 12:
NOTE, if you are fussy cutting the point needs to be DOWN.
(See below on the Baltimore Springs quilt).

For the Baltimore Springs quilt, we are going to keep chopping up our panels and use them up as much as we can. All this color variety is the reason all of our half hexagons need to be the same color. Otherwise, it will get too busy.

Baste six large diamonds with your fussy cut pieces going horizontal.
Again, as in last time, just play around with them and make them work.
You will only be using ONE of the large panel pics at the end so you could even use parts of the other if you so choose.

Here are my horizontal choices:

And for my triangles, I just chose random what not's, cute objects from my left over panel scraps.
PLEASE NOTE: the TRIANGLE POINT IS DOWN in my little fussy cutting fun.

DON'T DO THIS!!! DO NOT NOT NOT DO THIS!!!! Once I got further along they looked horrible. Grab a solid in of the colors (something that contrasts really well with your half don't want them the same color as your half hexagons) and make these triangles a solid color please. TRUST ME. DO NOT DO AS I DID BELOW.
(Remember for me the Baltimore Springs was an "afterthought" and I am creating it as I blog, so you gotta just go with the flow! )


Let's see, you are basting 18 pieces, but that really isn't too hard. Even if you sew baste, instead of glue baste, I think you could have it finished in a few days.
I'll have the next clue for you on Sunday, April 17th.

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue 2


Are you enjoying those big easy pieces?
Ready to start stitching them together?

Ok, let's do it!

Choose either your light half hexagons or your darker half hexagons and stitch to the bottom of your diamonds as shown.
It doesn't really matter which you choose...I suggest picking the one that contrasts the most with your diamond.

For mine, I chose to go with my lighter purple.

Now as for my Baltimore Springs version, I used all one color for my half hexagons, so no choice was needed:

(Anyone feeling purple? Everything is purple. Note to self: No purple on the next quilt.)

My Baltimore Springs quilt is not getting sewn up at the moment due to time constraints. So I'll just be laying the samples out for you and then it goes into my "Sew it Someday" box.
Don't they look nice though?
Have fun stitching and I'll meet you in just a few days because I don't think this will take you very long.
How about we meet again on Tuesday April 12th? 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

You don't have to do them all!

While you are all just beginning the Center of Attention mystery, I am actually already working on blogging the next. I push them through because the mysteries are how I publish my designs.

I know many of you are my biggest friends and supporters. But I don't want you to feel like you have to do every single one of my mysteries!!! I, too, have a desire to sew other things, and wish I could take a weeks vacation just so I can sew! Wouldn't that be amazing? I do think it would be. I don't think I'd get into going to quilting retreats like some of you do, but I would like a personal one for sure.

Now one thing you do need to know, those of you grabbing files from the Mystahhhhry Along with Hillbilly Facebook group...don't expect the files to last long. And PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THE FILES TO FRIENDS!! Why? well because I am allowing you to 'test' them for free, but I really do need to make some money eventually, so the files go to my website for purchase after quilt samples are finished. I only sold one set of pieces after the Peacock quilt came out, but one is better than none. Baby steps.

Remember to share your hillbilly quilts in groups and on blogs. Word of mouth is much appreciated!!

Hope you all are having fun with your basting this weekend!


Friday, April 1, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue one!

It is April 1st and no foolin' time for your first mystery clue!

By now most of you have received your papers or have printed your templates to cut your own.

Here is a recap of the papers that you should have: 

Were you surpised at the size of them? I told you...the name of the game this time around is

Alright, then let's take those big papers and make them beautiful.
Of course we need to start with basting but we won't be basting ALL of our papers yet,
but I am going to give you several to keep your little fingers happy for a week.

Let's begin with our Co-Stars AND Supporting Actors.

Take six (just 6!!) of your large diamonds and baste a motif so the diamond is vertical.
(For those of you using the Baltimore Springs panel, see below.) 

After you baste 6 of your large diamonds,
then baste all of your half hexagons.
They can either be all of one color, or half  a dark color and half a light color.
(It is best that they be in the same color family though).

The Baltimore Springs Panels for use are something that I designed as an "afterthought" when I was cutting them for my fabric shop.

 If you would like to purchase some for the mystery, you will need to purchase 2 and a few are available RIGHT HERE
First come first served as there are a limited number available! 

But for those few of you using the panels, you will notice some of the smaller motifs are square and don't really seem to fit with a large diamond fussy cut. This is why I sent two panels. You can cut "into" another motif and still have enough for your other diamonds later. And yes, they still look nice even though they aren't diamond shape. See? Here are my Co-Stars:

(OK. SPOILER ALERT: If you are cutting the Baltimore Springs panels, know that you will cut 6 more diamonds the other direction. Horizontal. This will help you lay out your panel to get the most of the shapes of the motifs.)

The Baltimore Springs choice is so busy color wise, that I don't think it wise to use two different colors for the Supporting Actors. Therefore, baste all 24 from one solid or tonal. 


I hope you truly enjoy these large pieces and are encouraged at how fast the quilt will come together.

Your next clue will be available next Friday, April 8th.