Thursday, April 14, 2016

BIG changes!

Why in tarnation don't we women sleep? I slept pert near three hours last night. Three hours ain't nuf to get no kind of that there bea-u-tie sleep them city folks is always yarnin' on 'bout.
Course, I know me how to fix all that. I'll grab me some o' that there granny's spring tonic and sleep harder 'en a grizzly bear in December.

We hillbillies, well you all know we be the hard workin type. I guess that be why I don't sleep. I be hard workin'. Hard work do pay off. Yep. It do.

Like all the changes happenin around this Hillbilly Quilt Shop. Lemme hang up my hillbilly hat and splain them to ya all fancy like using them fancy words they taught me back yonder in school:


I have been working really hard on the website. Ahhhs are gone. Yep. Gone.
If you will remember, when they came out, another company was helping me with them and many of them were their designs. So I took a good look at them and I retired a bunch of them for good.
I am working on re-numbering them so that they will be easier to access on the website. Then I'll upload pdf versions of each one so that you can print and do as you like. I am no longer going to list each individual one on the website but I will do special orders if anyone wants them packaged individually.

I will still produce pattern packs though. I will keep making more and more of them. These are "uniquely me" and that is what I wish to promote more via the website. You will see major changes in the paper piecing area as I get time to make them.

I've also divided the website into two main categories. These two categories can easily be seen up top. They are "Hillbilly Quilt Shop" and "Hillbilly's Variety Shop".

This is one of the HUGE changes coming to my little world. I am still hoping to come home. For good. So, starting with my website we are all going to work harder to bring this hillbilly home to care for her family, especially since Mr. Hillbilly is beginning to head down the sick road again. There is nothing available in the Variety shop yet, but there will be. Of course, much of it I am waiting until I can get a store front again. I am working on it, I'll tell ya that!

Speaking of the website. I made it a lot more eye appealing. At least I hope I did. Please go check it out and comment. Let me know what you think about it. You can get to it by clicking the little logo there at the top right where it says "shop Hillbilly Quilt Shop."


Finally, inventory changes. I am going to work on making them, but not sure what you all want? I have a ton of patterns I've removed from the website, but patterns just don't sell well. I think I'll focus more on notions and thread. Is there anything you wish you could find more easily?
If you want cheap embroidery patterns I'll probably promote them at deep discounts in my Facebook group "Ozark Fabric". If you are not in the group, you should be.


I hope all of you are having a wonderful time with the mystery. I am working on the next one that is due out this summer. It is FUN. Very very fun.

Anyway, please comment and tell me what you think of the changes!


  1. Just took a tour of your new sight. I like it a lot better than your old site. I might suggest one more tweak. In your pattern section a link to a finished piece in that pattern may help understand the image of the pattern. I like the idea that a PDF will be available for the patterns. I would also like to suggest offering acrylic pieces for your patterns or one step further and offer dies to cut the paper pieces. I love dies and punches and would love to be able to make precise multiples of the pattern pieces. Then the acrylics would work for the fabric with the allowance already added. I have been using 3/8" seam allowance lately and that is working out even better when I don't perfectly align the pattern on the fabric.

  2. I like the new look. Took me a second to find how to to find everything. I completely missed the quilt shop and variety shop categories at the top. But after I saw them I found it pleasing.