Friday, April 8, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue 2


Are you enjoying those big easy pieces?
Ready to start stitching them together?

Ok, let's do it!

Choose either your light half hexagons or your darker half hexagons and stitch to the bottom of your diamonds as shown.
It doesn't really matter which you choose...I suggest picking the one that contrasts the most with your diamond.

For mine, I chose to go with my lighter purple.

Now as for my Baltimore Springs version, I used all one color for my half hexagons, so no choice was needed:

(Anyone feeling purple? Everything is purple. Note to self: No purple on the next quilt.)

My Baltimore Springs quilt is not getting sewn up at the moment due to time constraints. So I'll just be laying the samples out for you and then it goes into my "Sew it Someday" box.
Don't they look nice though?
Have fun stitching and I'll meet you in just a few days because I don't think this will take you very long.
How about we meet again on Tuesday April 12th? 


  1. Looking beautiful. Purple is a good colour!

  2. Awesome!!!! My project for tonight

  3. Hey Hillbilly;
    I have been trying to find a reference on your blog regarding the best way to baste the half hexagons. You told us about a good way to do triangles in the shindig/first dance mystery and it was very helpful when it came time to stitch. Any tips for the half hexagons in this mystery would be appreciated. Thanks