Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue 5

EDIT: Since there was small triangle confusion, I decided to hop on here and just publish the next step so that you will know their placement. Have fun here is two clues in one day!

Let's start putting this thing together, shall we?
(Yep, there are still small and large diamonds's not time for the climax yet!)

We are going to make this winged thingie ma jiggy dobber:

You will note that when you sew on the top half hexagons, they are the sewn the opposite way than the way you sewed on the bottom half hexagons.

 It looks funky but we aren't done yet!

Now here is where I really do NOT like my Baltimore Springs triangle choices.
Good thing I am not sewing this together right now and putting it away for a rainy day.
I think my triangles will become a nice pink color in the future.
But I am glad to show you why they do NOT work out. It just really messes up the design. But you will have to endure it for the rest of the mystery because my quilt is tucked away for "someday" and I am already working on the next mystery as I type this. (In fact, it is still March when I typed this! I am way ahead of the game, yippee!!)

Since I edited and gave you two clues at once, let's work on these for 10 days.
I'll post the LAST CLUE on April 27th. Of course, it won't be solved. You'll have to solve it!
I am ornery like that.

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