Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue 6

Minor Actor

it is time for you to get up on stage!

I am going to copy what I wrote about the Minor Actor from way back when in the fabric requirements post:

Next on the playbill we need the Minor Actor. This one has a very small, yet very important roll. All you need is an 1/8 of a yard, but once again this would be a fabulous piece to use in the border or binding.
The Minor Actor needs to be similar in color to the Leading Role and Co-Stars but it needs to stand out on it's own too. The best idea would be to choose a print from the same fabric line as the others. Note on my choice, while it is using the same color family, it stands out on its own and is not too close in color to the Supporting Actors..this is VERY important:

If you will remember, my Minor Actor was a multi colored fabric that looked like fairy wings. Glue baste your minor actor color to your six small diamonds.
There should be six small diamonds all together.

Once you have glue basted them, then sew them so that you have one in between each of your little winged wonders you made in your last clue.

See? I sewed it first to a right side of the winged thingie from the last clue:

Then, I sewed another wing thingie to the right of the diamond, so that your little diamond Minor Actor is right in the middle of things.
Make THREE SETS of these:

And now it is time for some climax and twist and turns and solving the mystery on your part.

Baltimore Springs has left us because I never sewed any of it at all, and my triangles need changed so it has bowed out and gone away.

I've shown you what to baste for everything except those three last large diamonds.
But those diamonds, folks, are the KEY to solving your mystery.

Your final clue is:

You have to use these last three diamonds to create the 57/55 piece that solves the mystery, and then place your CENTER OF ATTENTION: LEADING ROLE right smack in the middle where it belongs.

That's it.
 I cannot say more.

First person that shows me ( IN THE MYSTAHHHRY GROUP ON FACEBOOK) their entire top correctly laid out, with the mystery solved, gets the next mystery papers and some (not all--you'll have to choose coordinating prints) of the fabric for FREE.
NOTE: In order to win, you MUST have ALL of your pieces basted, and your quilt must be sewn up to this point, so that you have at least the three sets shown in this blog post.
You may just baste your 57/55 and show it with the other pieces all laid out, that is fine.
But I will not accept it unless it is sewn up to this point in this blog post, and 57/55 basted with the quilt laid out to show how it is finished
. You also MUST share it in the mystahhhry group on Facebook in order to win.

I'll give you all two weeks to solve the puzzle.
If no one figures it out by then, I'll share the final on Sunday, May 15th.

I cannot wait to show you mine. It is so pretty!!

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  1. Men!!!! If I was at home I could solve this!!! Can't wait