Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue Four!

Ready to do some more sewing this week?
Watch closely as this step is VERY IMPORTANT.

You will take your triangles and sew them to your remaining hexagons.
Only you will need six that are sewn to the left
And six that are sewn to the right.
Like this:

Here they are all sewn together:

If you fussy cut your pieces, such as I did for my Baltimore Springs quilt,
then just remember that your triangle point that is DOWN needs to line up with the bottom of your half hexagon (on the short side).
I know that sounds confusing but see in the pics?
My bottom triangle point is up against the bottom of the half hexagon point.
(It makes it look like my poor little birdies are pecking the ground and are on their sides, but they won't be placed like this in the final design so trust me! It's all good! )

NOPE, it is NOT ALL GOOD. Use a nice solid!!
Ignore this...use a solid, I am telling you. SOLID!!! 

Are you starting to get excited to see it all come together?
(And, yes, I know we haven't used the diamonds yet. Wait for it! )

When we meet again, we will start sewing it all together!
Let's meet next Sunday, April 24th.
You have a week to finish these 12 pieces.
Not hard at all.

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  1. Well I won't be able to start sewing till tomorrow. But that is ok.