Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Center of Attention: Clue Three!

Big easy is right, huh?

Today we go back to basting and are going to be working on our

Background Crew.

Six more diamonds need to be basted with your fabric choices facing horizontally.
Now just follow the guidelines and don't overthink it!!

If you are NOT doing the Baltimore Springs panel, then this is a background piece and you will be basting your small triangles with the scraps from this as well.

Note my background choices are in a different color family than the previous diamonds/half hexagons, and that they are horizontal fussy cuts. Make 6:

For my triangles, I just used scraps.
Baste all 12:
NOTE, if you are fussy cutting the point needs to be DOWN.
(See below on the Baltimore Springs quilt).

For the Baltimore Springs quilt, we are going to keep chopping up our panels and use them up as much as we can. All this color variety is the reason all of our half hexagons need to be the same color. Otherwise, it will get too busy.

Baste six large diamonds with your fussy cut pieces going horizontal.
Again, as in last time, just play around with them and make them work.
You will only be using ONE of the large panel pics at the end so you could even use parts of the other if you so choose.

Here are my horizontal choices:

And for my triangles, I just chose random what not's, cute objects from my left over panel scraps.
PLEASE NOTE: the TRIANGLE POINT IS DOWN in my little fussy cutting fun.

DON'T DO THIS!!! DO NOT NOT NOT DO THIS!!!! Once I got further along they looked horrible. Grab a solid in of the colors (something that contrasts really well with your half hexagons..you don't want them the same color as your half hexagons) and make these triangles a solid color please. TRUST ME. DO NOT DO AS I DID BELOW.
(Remember for me the Baltimore Springs was an "afterthought" and I am creating it as I blog, so you gotta just go with the flow! )


Let's see, you are basting 18 pieces, but that really isn't too hard. Even if you sew baste, instead of glue baste, I think you could have it finished in a few days.
I'll have the next clue for you on Sunday, April 17th.

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