Friday, May 6, 2016

Center of Attention: Solving the Case!

I am amazed how fast some of you solved the Center of Attention Mystery.
On my mystery quilts, I like to purposely not tell you EVERYTHING so that you can work on solving some of the mystery on your own.

For instance: on this mystery I did the whole 57/55 thing.

When planning the mystery, that one little 57/55 step is what made me decide to make this into a mystery quilt. I was thinking how so many of you like to print your own pieces and cut them out on your own, but many of you don't have the ability to print a huge 6" hexagon (which is 12" from point to point.) So I wanted to show you that when you see hexagon designs, all you need to do is blow them up! And if you can't print the pieces large enough, then grab some tape and make them!
(can you see the tape on these three diamonds? )

I did, of course, use one of my own hexagon designs for this quilt pattern. I just "super sized" it.
I call this design

Isn't it neat looking??!!

It is amazing how different these patterns look once fabric is used.

The very first person to solve the mystery was Wanda with her beautiful horse quilt.

Yanika almost has hers finished: 

And I just finished mine as well:

I sure hope you enjoyed this mystery. It is the first of our Big, Easy series.
We have some others we will be doing in this series as well but next we step away from Big and Easy and move onto small normal pieces in a fun table runner I've designed.

More about that another day.
I'm going to go sew. 


  1. I need to get involved in doing these mysteries but I've never done EPP before.

  2. I need to get involved in doing these mysteries but I've never done EPP before.

  3. Well it will be a while before I get to work on mine again. We just got back from La and will be driving back tomorrow by myself. My mother is ill and I need to be there.