Monday, June 13, 2016

The Hillbilly comes back!

If you read my other blog (Hillbilly Handiworks), then you will know that I'm in the process of making huge changes to my business. These changes are just about as excitin' as a grizzly findin' a picnic party in his woods. The thought of where my business is goin has caused the ol' hillbilly that was buried deep inside me and lost somehow over the last three years to peek it's wee little ol' head out and holler "Howdy! I'm Back!" 

With the up and coming business changes, I've been making big website changes as well. All these changes makes my hillbilly brain go fuddle de duddle. Let me try to explain a few of them for ya so you don't be fuddle de duddlin with me. 

Now hurry on down to ""  where you will see two categories. When you hover over "Click here to go to Hillbilly Quilt Shop" you will see all the product categories come up and they are downright simple to navigate (I done learned me that cityfied word... "navigate". It sort of means to go places, but its all how you be lookin at it). If you choose to hover over yonder at " click here to go to Hillbilly's Variety Shop"... then not a single thing comes up. That would be because I've not added any product to that category over yonder yet. It's coming someday so jus' hold your britches 'bout it. 

Now, I will say website creationisms can sure nuf be a hassle. Many a times I been flingin' tarnations at my computer over the last two months. Finally last night I sat up til 3 a.m with a nice young man from the city. Them city folks tend to understand this website stuff better'n this ol' hill mama does. 

Anyway, here be some things I have done:  

1)  I deleted everything on my website one day and started all over. WHICH HAS TAKEN MONTHS I tell you. I have found out that if I list product in backwards order, then they show up to you in frontwards order. Now I know I might be a hillbilly n all but sense to me would be to go about things the other way round. But no one asked me so there it be how it are. 

2)  I went and listed hundreds and hundreds of floss colors in color card order. That made them very pertiful. Worth the time consumption. 

3) I went and renumberfied  my entire Ahhhh system, separating them by Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

4)  Now I am in the process of relisting them. I am going to attempt to list one a day (most days any which way)  Only there be a catch (Tarnation! Ain't there always a catch?)  I have to list the things IN BACKWARDS ORDER!!! Utterly redicouludicrus but worth it in the end. So therefore, I will be going backwards with all advanced, then intermediate, then beginner ones. Which means when they are all finished you will be able to view them in frontwards order: beginner then intermediate and then advanced. 

5) eventually Hillbilly's Variety Shop will open. But as you know first things has always gotten to be first so that's how that goes. We can't be puttin the cart afore the horse now can we? 

Today I've done did begun listing those ahhhhs in backwards order. And to celebrate, for a limited time it will be only 15 cents for the pdf!! 

Now folks... that pdf is well worth ever little penny. It has colored secondary pattern options. The ahhh itself is printable in three sizes. And it tells you every size of every shape that you need for the 3" size, in case you don't wanna be cutting it yourself. 

Hurry on down and grab ya one up cuz in just a couple days it will be a big whoppin' 25 cents! 
And here be my promise to you: I will make every little effort to get a new one published ALMOST daily. Between work, and work, and work (counting all my jobs) and that hubby of mine I cannot made a daily promise, but I can make an almost daily promise. 

And an almost daily promise comin from a hillbilly is almost pure as pyrite! 

P.s. I cannot yet be makin no promisinators bout gettin' back to the video business but I do plan to get there very soon as well. I've a list a things I'm hunkerin to show ya. (Is hunkerin even a hillbilly word??!!)

Here be the brand new released 
Ahhhh # A-38
Named "Half Sized" 



  1. Oh you make me smile. I love the way you write. Good luck with all the changes.

  2. Fun fun can't wait to see more!