Friday, July 29, 2016

To Journey or not to Journey?

I am getting so excited for this mystery to begin that I cannot sleep!
It's 4 am on 7/26 and I think I'll just prewrite us some blog posts.

It has been such a long process of restructuring my business that it's taken a toll on my creativity, and just like each of you, I get a bit irritable when I cannot take the time to use my creative talents. It's no wonder that I cannot sleep because I know that this journey is about to begin, and now that my website is all fixed up, I can get back down to the business of sewing.

This Epp Mystery Journey is not for everyone. Please read carefully through this blog post to help you decide if this mystery is something you would like to do, or if perhaps you would prefer to pass up the pattern until later. Once the pattern is finished as a mystery, it will always be available on the website as a Pattern Pack.

Let's take a mini peek at what this journey is all about.
I asked everyone in the EPP Mystery along with Hillbilly Facebook Group
what they would enjoy creating next. 

Hands down the vote was for a table runner of "normal size" pieces. (That would be opposed to the super sized pieces that I like to have fun with from time to time.)

You asked for it. You got it.
This will be a table runner. I cannot give exact sizes because mine isn't sewn together yet.
You see, I am unique. EVERYONE can agree on that one.
No one designs quite like the Hillbilly.
Most designers sit there and draw it all out proportioned to size and figure it all up.
But I kind of design according to the shape and the fabric that is in front of me for my inspiration. And what comes out in the end comes out in the end.

While my sample quilt is almost done, it's not quite there yet because I want to blog some portions before stitching it together, so (*insert shoulder shrug) I am not sure how big it is, exactly.
BUT... I can tell you that I've laid it all out on my table and it is a nice runner size. Ha! I am a lot of help, aren't I?

I can also tell you that it will be composed of  the following:
1.5" Triangles
1.5" Hexagons
1.5" Diamonds
3" Diamonds

I will tell you how many of each later once we begin the mystery. Always before, I placed a pdf of the pieces into a file in the Facebook group, but this time around I placed them on my website. Not really to charge you (because they are only 10 cents each), but this allows those that do not have Facebook to easily download them. These are already loaded and ready on my website RIGHT HERE (along with some other sizes, plus I'll keep adding more sizes over time).

Ok, so now that you kind of have a general idea of what we are doing, are you ready to put on your spacesuit and begin the journey with us? 

How about you take this little checklist?

This mystery journey IS for you if:

1) You love English Paper Piecing. This is perfect for beginners all the way through advanced.
I will actually be video taping our entire journey and teaching you along the way.
DID YOU HEAR ME? My YouTube videos are coming back for this journey!!!

2) You enjoy a mystery.

3) You enjoy fussy cutting.

4) You enjoy my teaching style... laid back for sure. This won't be fast paced. And I teach each quilt as if we are learning for the first time. 

This mystery is NOT FOR YOU if: 

1) You are impatient. This isn't a hurry fast and get to the next step kind of mystery. English paper piecing is HAND PIECING. There will be no "let's hurry up to the next step." So if you can't handle a slow paced mystery, then it's best you wait this one out until it is finished and you can see the pattern in it's entirety. 

2) You only like scrap quilts. Some designs are meant for a scrappy look, and some are not. I am not saying that you cannot use what you have in your stash. Not at all. EPP is great because you can often stash bust small pieces. But this design will not look good if you go for a total scrappy look. Yardage will be posted later, and it's small yardage, but non scrappy specific chosen fabric will be needed. 

3) You are impatient. Did I say that already? Well, this time I am talking about a different kind of impatience. Not only will you need to be patient about the slow pace but you will also need to be patient about the fabric requirements. THIS IS A BIGGIE. I will be video taping the entire process, and until I show you the fussy cut sections, you will not be able to choose your fabric. Plain and simple, you can't because you need to see how the fabric will be used before you can purchase it. 
After I show you the fussy cut sections, there will be a pause before we begin our sewing so that you can go out and buy what you need. 
Due to the nature of both the pattern and video taping, the fabric requirements will be shown via video (and blog) back to back in small video segments. Please do not email me and ask for fabric requirements before I release them. It just can't happen. If you could see the pattern, then you would know why. Patience my dear Watson. 

4) This mystery is not for you if you plan to machine piece it. English Paper piecing is not designed for machine piecing. I am sure some of you machine piecers will take that as a challenge, but if I've learned anything with the previous mysteries... the machine piecers don't come back for another attempt. If you want to try to do them by machine, I of course cannot stop you. But please do not beg for us to hurry through our hand piecing because we hand piecers enjoy a slower pace. The world is too fast. Slow down. Enjoy. 

Each of us are unique. Even if you purchase a kit (yes there will be fabric kits available!), you will be choosing some of your own fabrics as well and your quilt will not be like anyone else's. I cannot wait to share my journey with you. I hope that you will carefully consider the above before you choose to begin our journey. I've learned so much by releasing these mysteries and I think the one thing I've learned most of all is to make it MINE. This is my pattern, creating, teaching. I don't mean to be selfish sounding. I just mean that what I've learned is that it works best if we do things MY way.
My name isn't Bonnie, or Katja or Sherlock.
I am Hillbilly. Which makes me smile.
This Hillbilly is going on a journey to outerspace.
I'll be here waiting for you!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The coming journey!


 Are you ready to embark on a new journey with me?

Coming on August first I will be releasing details about my new EPP mystery: 

I took a poll within the EPP mystery fb group, and hands down the vote was for a table runner with normalish size pieces.

So that is the journey we wil be taking.

Are you ready?
Tell your friends! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I can't control my mind

Nope I really can't. It is always bouncing around with ideas. All helter skelter and crazy like.


When I have a cutting day for my fabric shop you should see it going all insane thinking of all the design possibilities with each fabric piece.

Today I had me a mind moment. And it's not even 7 a.m.

But here is what my mind told me. You see, I have been trying to PUSH PUSH PUSH and get these hexagons out so that I could get to the beginner ones for everyone.

Buy my little mind said,
 "Self, what's the rush? You know you can't stand not designing. Why not feed your design passion daily? Don't rush through them."
Then do you know what my mind said to me?
It said,
 " Self, and why stop at hexagons? The EPP world is SOOOO ready for something more than hexagons or Patchwork of the Crosses or La Passa-ma-jiggy-dobby's" (My mind really did say that because it never can remember the names of the things).
"Self, move on, show the EPP world some other blocks, have fun with it!"

So you know what I thun there decided?

I am not going to stop at hexagons. Just as soon as we work through all of them we will move on to other blocks as well.

Oh I am so happy happy happy! My little designing fingers can keep on going!

If you don't know what I'm blabbing on about:
Every single day (well sort of most days) I release a new hexagon file over on my
 Hillbilly Quilt Shop website. The hexagon files are being released in backwards order cuz then you all can view them in frontaways order once I'm all done release-imicating them. (You can take a gander at them RIGHT HERE.)

As a special once-a-ma-time special opportunistic situation, I'll give you a sneak peek at what you get when you purchase a pdf file.

First of all, the pdf files are 15 cents for 48 hours. Only I am going to be nice and leave them at 15 cents until the end of July. Then they go up to 25 cents.

Secondly, each file contains a block in three different printable sizes: 2", 3", 4".

Third, there are at least two different layout or coloring options included. (see below).

Finally, I toss in a coloring page just for fun. (well at least up until about halfway to the end of the advanced because I didn't think to add it until then.)

If you don't cut your own papers, the pdf pages are still worth it just to get the blocks and layouts. In fact, for the 3" size I tell you exactly how many papers you need of each size piece.

Here is a little sample of the one I released today:

It is called A-6 Dahlia. ("A" stands for advanced.)

Then I included a couple of different coloring layouts.
By simply changing how you color it, the block completely changes.

I pack alot into one simple 15 cent (25 cent come August) pdf file.
I appreciate those of you that have supported all my time with a purchase. If you sew one up, please be sure to tell people about the pdf files!
And even if you don't, if you could share around, these are an awesome deal and some of your friends might really thank you for it!

Ms Hillbilly has to move on to other work now.
I look forward to designing the next one tomorrow.
Until then... 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Yippee Ki Yay

I am so very excited to bring you this blog post this morning!

You see, if you read my other blog (view it here), you will know that I have WAY TOO MANY irons in the fire.

But the thing is...all that running around like crazy doin this and doin that is because I am TRYING to get my business streamlined to just where I want it to be before I grow it up some more, and take it the direction that I want it to go in.

One thing that I've been finally doing is releasing all the Artistic Hexotic Hectic Hillbilly Hexagons (Ahhhhs) as pdf files. (Find 'em HERE).  Each file has several coloring/ layout options as well as cut your own pages in 2", 3" and 4" sizes.
Some of the hexagons just don't work as single blocks. Take today's release for example:

It's just downright unusual as a stand alone block. But if you were to go pay a big whoppin' 15 cents for it then you will see layout options that will make you understand why it is actually a perty cool little block after all.

BUT this is not why I am excited and dancin' the Yippee Ki Yay.
What I am jiggin about is this:

and this:

The first is my yellow composition book. You see, every single day I commute 45 min to work, then 45 min home from work. And in all that joggin back and forth my mind gets to do a lot of contemplatin. And one thing I've contemplated up is new blogs. At one time, my other blog was a happening place. It had hit after hit. And I LOVED to write them. I wrote not only about quilt stuff, but funny stuff and inspirational stuff and things of that nature.

Well, I am going to commence to jottin' my thoughts on that other blog again. ( 
I already have several blogs planned out and jotted in my little yellow book.
Why am I planning this when I already have all those irons firin' up?
Well, because I am trying VERY hard to find Ms. Hillbilly again.
In the last four years with all my husbands mess she just got lost somewhere and I need to find her. And I know Ms Hillbilly. I am pretty sure that if I let her start jottin' thought's I'll find her again.

So please, go follow my other blog too. This will still remain the quilting blog, but I assure you that you won't be disappointed in following the other either.

Finally, my other yipn' and dancin' is that I am forcing myself to sit down and sew and it is amazin'. See that organza bag up there? See those tiny purple pieces?
They are the FINAL pieces for my blocks for the next mystery. I have it almost done folks!
Do you know what that means???
That means ON AUGUST FIRST I will be releasing my next mystery!!!
How does that sound?

More about that another day cuz I have some orders to fill and I have to go beep groceries at the day job all afternoon. But I'll be happily dancin' a jig in my mind as I beep. If you happen by my register, you might see a little yellow book closeby. One never knows when a blog moment might spring up.