Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I can't control my mind

Nope I really can't. It is always bouncing around with ideas. All helter skelter and crazy like.


When I have a cutting day for my fabric shop you should see it going all insane thinking of all the design possibilities with each fabric piece.

Today I had me a mind moment. And it's not even 7 a.m.

But here is what my mind told me. You see, I have been trying to PUSH PUSH PUSH and get these hexagons out so that I could get to the beginner ones for everyone.

Buy my little mind said,
 "Self, what's the rush? You know you can't stand not designing. Why not feed your design passion daily? Don't rush through them."
Then do you know what my mind said to me?
It said,
 " Self, and why stop at hexagons? The EPP world is SOOOO ready for something more than hexagons or Patchwork of the Crosses or La Passa-ma-jiggy-dobby's" (My mind really did say that because it never can remember the names of the things).
"Self, move on, show the EPP world some other blocks, have fun with it!"

So you know what I thun there decided?

I am not going to stop at hexagons. Just as soon as we work through all of them we will move on to other blocks as well.

Oh I am so happy happy happy! My little designing fingers can keep on going!

If you don't know what I'm blabbing on about:
Every single day (well sort of most days) I release a new hexagon file over on my
 Hillbilly Quilt Shop website. The hexagon files are being released in backwards order cuz then you all can view them in frontaways order once I'm all done release-imicating them. (You can take a gander at them RIGHT HERE.)

As a special once-a-ma-time special opportunistic situation, I'll give you a sneak peek at what you get when you purchase a pdf file.

First of all, the pdf files are 15 cents for 48 hours. Only I am going to be nice and leave them at 15 cents until the end of July. Then they go up to 25 cents.

Secondly, each file contains a block in three different printable sizes: 2", 3", 4".

Third, there are at least two different layout or coloring options included. (see below).

Finally, I toss in a coloring page just for fun. (well at least up until about halfway to the end of the advanced because I didn't think to add it until then.)

If you don't cut your own papers, the pdf pages are still worth it just to get the blocks and layouts. In fact, for the 3" size I tell you exactly how many papers you need of each size piece.

Here is a little sample of the one I released today:

It is called A-6 Dahlia. ("A" stands for advanced.)

Then I included a couple of different coloring layouts.
By simply changing how you color it, the block completely changes.

I pack alot into one simple 15 cent (25 cent come August) pdf file.
I appreciate those of you that have supported all my time with a purchase. If you sew one up, please be sure to tell people about the pdf files!
And even if you don't, if you could share around, these are an awesome deal and some of your friends might really thank you for it!

Ms Hillbilly has to move on to other work now.
I look forward to designing the next one tomorrow.
Until then... 


  1. they are looking great, sorry I haven't looked into them much, just really busy on my end, but I want to start some hand sewing work soon :)

  2. Can these PDF pattern be downloaded from your website or will it be mailed in printed form?

    1. You are a 'non reply " blogger so I cannot email you back, but these are pdf downloads. The website auto emails them to you after you purchase. Thanks!