Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Yippee Ki Yay

I am so very excited to bring you this blog post this morning!

You see, if you read my other blog (view it here), you will know that I have WAY TOO MANY irons in the fire.

But the thing is...all that running around like crazy doin this and doin that is because I am TRYING to get my business streamlined to just where I want it to be before I grow it up some more, and take it the direction that I want it to go in.

One thing that I've been finally doing is releasing all the Artistic Hexotic Hectic Hillbilly Hexagons (Ahhhhs) as pdf files. (Find 'em HERE).  Each file has several coloring/ layout options as well as cut your own pages in 2", 3" and 4" sizes.
Some of the hexagons just don't work as single blocks. Take today's release for example:

It's just downright unusual as a stand alone block. But if you were to go pay a big whoppin' 15 cents for it then you will see layout options that will make you understand why it is actually a perty cool little block after all.

BUT this is not why I am excited and dancin' the Yippee Ki Yay.
What I am jiggin about is this:

and this:

The first is my yellow composition book. You see, every single day I commute 45 min to work, then 45 min home from work. And in all that joggin back and forth my mind gets to do a lot of contemplatin. And one thing I've contemplated up is new blogs. At one time, my other blog was a happening place. It had hit after hit. And I LOVED to write them. I wrote not only about quilt stuff, but funny stuff and inspirational stuff and things of that nature.

Well, I am going to commence to jottin' my thoughts on that other blog again. ( 
I already have several blogs planned out and jotted in my little yellow book.
Why am I planning this when I already have all those irons firin' up?
Well, because I am trying VERY hard to find Ms. Hillbilly again.
In the last four years with all my husbands mess she just got lost somewhere and I need to find her. And I know Ms Hillbilly. I am pretty sure that if I let her start jottin' thought's I'll find her again.

So please, go follow my other blog too. This will still remain the quilting blog, but I assure you that you won't be disappointed in following the other either.

Finally, my other yipn' and dancin' is that I am forcing myself to sit down and sew and it is amazin'. See that organza bag up there? See those tiny purple pieces?
They are the FINAL pieces for my blocks for the next mystery. I have it almost done folks!
Do you know what that means???
That means ON AUGUST FIRST I will be releasing my next mystery!!!
How does that sound?

More about that another day cuz I have some orders to fill and I have to go beep groceries at the day job all afternoon. But I'll be happily dancin' a jig in my mind as I beep. If you happen by my register, you might see a little yellow book closeby. One never knows when a blog moment might spring up. 

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