Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Space Journey Post 6: Lots o' rocks

Lots of them.

We are going to turn all your small diamonds into tumbling blocks. To do so, use two of your first tonal and one of your second tonal (which makes total sense since you have double the amount of the first tonal.) 

While it might take a while to sew all these tumbling blocks, we can move on in the mystery before they are all sewn together. The tumbling blocks will be used in different settings. I love this part of the mystery because we will be thinking outside of the normal tumbling block settings.
So lets work on the blocks for a week, then I'll show you the first setting we will use.
See you next Wednesday!
Don't forget to keep posting progress in the Facebook group! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Space Journey Post 5: Making Meteorids.

As you all know that when I do a mystery quilt series, I always like to add in a little twist that makes mine different than the normal quilt mystery. That would be because I am just all around different.

For our Space Journey, I decided to make it a bit of a learning series. So today let's learn about Meteors.

Did you know that a meteor is not the same as a meteroid? And then there is a meteorite.

After consulting the above chart, I decided our next pieces couldn't be called showers.

 Nor could they be called meteorites because they are not in the earth's atmosphere.

We are floating out in Space here folks, so today we are going to make us some Meteroids. 

They are really simple to make.
You are going to take 12 of your sideways fussy cut diamonds
and you are going to place them as such to make a hexagon:

Of course, you again have a decision to make.
Which direction will you go with?
Either way is fun.

This is the direction I chose.
Don't they look nice with my stars?
You WILL HAVE 2 extra pieces.
Save them for later. Much later.

The question has been asked about the stars:
"Can they be pieced the opposite. So one goes one way and one goes another."

You are the quilter. I am just a means to the end. You can do your quilt however you like.
Will it look ok? Yes.
If you do the same with the meteorids will the look ok?
Yes. Your quilt might not be as uniform as ours.
But it's yours. And that is ok.

I'll meet you back here in a week for your next clue! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Space Journey Post 4: Sewing Stars!

If we had a telescope at our disposal, we could look up and see an amazing universe of color and light. I have a few photos here for you, since you don't have a telescope right there in front of you.

These white stars are small and ancient. As a star ages it loses color and grows smaller. These are called "White Dwarfs".
(source: space. com)

These blue stars are a cluster called Pleiades.
They are in the Taurus constellation.
(source: wikipedia)

The sky at night is a beautiful burst of color!
This cluster is called the Omega Centauri. Red stars are actually cooler and smaller than blue stars.
(source: arstechna .com)

This chart is really interesting. It shows the lifecycle of various types of stars.
(Source: SETI institute) 

So, now its time to make your stars. Your entire mystery centers around these two stars. You will use your 12 matching diamonds to make them. Remember, you can turn those diamonds either direction to change the look of your star. For my blue quilt, I wanted mine to have black centers. So here is how my blue stars turned out. 

I've not sewn my other stars for my second quilt yet. Here is an example of how they could be turned either way:

They both look really neat but since my other stars are black in the middle I think I'll go with this one:

If you are new to EPP, here are a couple of tips for you. 

1) When sewing stars don't worry about those little flappy wings. Just fold them back with your finger and sew away. No need to hold onto your pieces super tight either. That is a common mistake for beginners. Then you get all stiffened up. They aren't going to run away. Relax your muscles. 

2) Sew your star in two halves as shown below before sewing it into a star. If you were to go around in a circle, you would create a little hole right in the middle of your star. 

And that, my Space Journey friends, is your first sewing post.
I know it will only take you a few days. 
This is Saturday, so lets meet back on Wednesday for your next clue! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Space Journey Post 3: The rest of the Fabric Requirements

 I know that I didn't explain fully on the video how to glue baste. This is because I've shown that in previous videos.
Today I decided I didn't want to wait the 13 plus hours it takes to upload a video to YouTube to give you the fabric requirements. A blog post will do. It'll do.

So, lets get to it! Besides all the fussy cut sections described on the previous post, we have little triangles and little diamonds. Now this mystery is different from all my others because I am giving you all your basting clues right off the bat.
(P.S. Who has their diamonds basted already? Show us in the Mystery Facebook Group!)

Ok lets get to the rest of these so that you can go fabric shopping!

For your small diamonds you will need two tonal colors. If you used a print for your diamonds, I don't think a print is a good idea for these pieces. Tonals will look much better. They are going to be next to each other on your quilt, so make sure they contrast nicely. If you are considering a solid, that is ok but it would still look better as a tonal. We will be using a solid for something else.

If using the ChromaZone for your fabric, choose 3/4 of a yard of bold, bright tonal. You need to baste 108 of your 1.5" diamonds to this tonal. I chose this electric blue color: 

For my next tonal fabric, I once again tested out colors that were in my fussy cut sections. At first I thought these two contrasted nicely:

But when I placed my electric blue diamond on the green it seemed to get lost. This is why I said to be sure to use very contrasting tonals:

So, I went with this redish purple tonal instead.
You will need only about 1/3 of a yard if you place your diamonds carefully. You will baste the remaining 54 diamonds with this contrasting tonal.

Finally, we are down to our tiny triangles.
REMEMBER: We ONLY NEED 120 1.5" triangles. The rest are just a spaced out mistake on my part. 

For the triangles, choose a solid that again contrasts well with two tonals.
I originally was thinking I could use all the black areas in the panels for my solid triangle pieces, but that wouldn't turn out looking very good because there just wasn't enough contrast between that black and my other pieces.

So I decided to go bright and, yep, much better.
So please choose a tonal that contrasts really nicely.

You will need between 1/3-1/2 yd of your solid and all 120 triangles need to be basted with it. 

A recap:

Tonal A: 3/4 yard baste 108 diamonds
Tonal B: 1/3 yd baste 54 diamonds
Solid: 1/3- 1/2 yd baste 120 triangles.

Please please share your fabric selections in the Facebook group. We LOVE to see them.

I know I've given you a ton of basting right off the bat, before you even purchased your fabric. Well now you know exactly what you will be doing with them. I think this will make it easier for fabric selection. You don't need to have everything basted before we begin. Start with your large diamonds. We will sew them up first.
I'll meet you back here on the 20th.
That's lots of time to choose fabric and at least begin your basting.

Have fun and please tell others about this mystery! 

Monday, August 8, 2016

Space JourneyEDIT!! Triangle GOOF... My brain is in outer space

I was sitting here packaging paper pieces tonight and thinking, I never used this many triangles on the design. What in the world did I do?

So I got out my drawing and counted them up again.. and I have NO IDEA HOW

120 Triangles got counted as 246 Triangles. But it happened.

I am clueless at times. I SO WANTED this mystery to go mistakeless but ah well, I am not only a human but I am a human that works alot. So, my brain took it's only little space case journey I guess.


YOU ONLY NEED 120 TRIANGLES, NOT 246 of them. 

Sheesh. Forgive me.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Space Journey EPP Mystery: Post 2, Ready for Lift Off!

Here we go!!!

Today I filmed a video showing your fussy cut options. It seems a little weird to show you the fussy cut sections and tell you what to fussy cut before even showing you fabric requirements, but when your fussy cut is the focal of this table runner, then it has to be chosen first!

So first of all, view this video below, then come back here will I will explain again with better photo details.

First you need to pick your favorite medallions (or fussy cuts from your own fabric selection) and cut a total of 12 fussy cut diamonds that ARE EXACTLY ALIKE.

And here is the Jewel colorway (from the video) all cut and glue basted
(I actually changed the areas I glued after the video was over):

Next you need to fussy cut 16 diamonds that are fussy cut from a different medallion. If you are using your own fabric, it can actually be the same as the first 12, or different, up to you but whichever all 16 MUST be EXACTLY THE SAME.

(Note: I know some of you that don't like to fussy cut will want to join us on our journey. If you don't want to fussy cut, just make sure when we get to the other fabrics that they totally contrast with the fabric for the diamonds.)

Finally we need 14 diamonds that face the other direction.

Finally, your 14 hexagons need to be cut out of something fun.
You can cut all 14 differently
You can cut 6 from one print, 6 from another, then 2 from another
OR you can cut 12 from one and 2 from another.

Here is my 6, 6, 2

And that is it until I show you the rest of the fabric requirements.
I may or may not video that part.
Videos take forever to upload and I already have photos ready so I might just blog it tomorrow so you can get fabric shopping!

It should help.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Space Journey EPP Mystery post 1: Joining Yuri

Yuri Gagarin was the first human to journey into outer space.
His journey was on April 12, 1961.

Can you just imagine the excitement he felt as he climbed into his spacecraft and successfully orbited the earth?

I am equally excited to go on an exploration with you.

The first couple of mysteries that I did were total learning experiences for me. I learned what to do and what not to do. I learned what people liked and didn't. When to allow impatience and when not to.

This mystery is going to be different than the first ones.

One of my favorite changes is the various fabric kit options. More will be announced concerning fabric requirements here in a few days, but let's begin with the basics of the mystery:

You WILL need paper pieces to complete this quilt.
You can either go purchase your own paper pieces RIGHT HERE in my shop,
or you can purchase the pdf files available RIGHT HERE. You will NOT need all the pdf files available.
You will only need the following pieces (I will tell you how many of each as the mystery unfolds):

3" Diamonds
1.5" Diamonds
1.5" Triangles
1.5" Hexagons

I know that many of you have tried using the pdf files in the past and decided that you'd rather just purchase the papers. At just $16 they are a great option and I very much appreciate the support for this free mystery.

Now about those fabric kits!
I will be using Chromazone by Paula Nordstrom. Some of you will love it and some of you will lift your brows at it. This hillbilly is quite known for her taste in extreme fabrics, and using them to create beautiful designs. I am SO EXCITED to offer you these kits for this mystery, because I will be using YouTube to show you every step of the way how to fussy cut this great fabric.
(And I will also give pointers on how to go about choosing your own fabrics if you don't care to purchase the kits).

The fabric kit contains two Chromazone fabric panels. These panels will be used in several design sections.
I have them available in FIVE (yes FIVE) colorways.
(UPDATE: within hours of posting PINK has sold out so just four colorways left).

I have panels from the first Chromazone that I've been saving for just the perfect design, and then when I designed this pattern months ago, I went ahead and picked up 3 bolts of the new Chromazone colorways.

Don't know what Chromazone is?
Well here is your eye candy. You might want to go get your fabric kit (for just $13) right away because when they are gone, they are gone. You will be adding your own fabric to these panels and I'll explain that via YouTube in a few days.


Yep, you KNOW you are curious now. Go get one before they are gone. Which will you choose though?

I'll be back in a day or two. I just want to let you ponder these things. Decide if you are going to get the papers or the pdf files, then make a fabric decision. I know if you plan to use your own fabric selections, you will want to get started on it right away, so I won't make you wait very long.

The countdown has begun friends. Start preparing!