Saturday, August 6, 2016

Space Journey EPP Mystery: Post 2, Ready for Lift Off!

Here we go!!!

Today I filmed a video showing your fussy cut options. It seems a little weird to show you the fussy cut sections and tell you what to fussy cut before even showing you fabric requirements, but when your fussy cut is the focal of this table runner, then it has to be chosen first!

So first of all, view this video below, then come back here will I will explain again with better photo details.

First you need to pick your favorite medallions (or fussy cuts from your own fabric selection) and cut a total of 12 fussy cut diamonds that ARE EXACTLY ALIKE.

And here is the Jewel colorway (from the video) all cut and glue basted
(I actually changed the areas I glued after the video was over):

Next you need to fussy cut 16 diamonds that are fussy cut from a different medallion. If you are using your own fabric, it can actually be the same as the first 12, or different, up to you but whichever all 16 MUST be EXACTLY THE SAME.

(Note: I know some of you that don't like to fussy cut will want to join us on our journey. If you don't want to fussy cut, just make sure when we get to the other fabrics that they totally contrast with the fabric for the diamonds.)

Finally we need 14 diamonds that face the other direction.

Finally, your 14 hexagons need to be cut out of something fun.
You can cut all 14 differently
You can cut 6 from one print, 6 from another, then 2 from another
OR you can cut 12 from one and 2 from another.

Here is my 6, 6, 2

And that is it until I show you the rest of the fabric requirements.
I may or may not video that part.
Videos take forever to upload and I already have photos ready so I might just blog it tomorrow so you can get fabric shopping!

It should help.

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