Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Space Journey Post 3: The rest of the Fabric Requirements

 I know that I didn't explain fully on the video how to glue baste. This is because I've shown that in previous videos.
Today I decided I didn't want to wait the 13 plus hours it takes to upload a video to YouTube to give you the fabric requirements. A blog post will do. It'll do.

So, lets get to it! Besides all the fussy cut sections described on the previous post, we have little triangles and little diamonds. Now this mystery is different from all my others because I am giving you all your basting clues right off the bat.
(P.S. Who has their diamonds basted already? Show us in the Mystery Facebook Group!)

Ok lets get to the rest of these so that you can go fabric shopping!

For your small diamonds you will need two tonal colors. If you used a print for your diamonds, I don't think a print is a good idea for these pieces. Tonals will look much better. They are going to be next to each other on your quilt, so make sure they contrast nicely. If you are considering a solid, that is ok but it would still look better as a tonal. We will be using a solid for something else.

If using the ChromaZone for your fabric, choose 3/4 of a yard of bold, bright tonal. You need to baste 108 of your 1.5" diamonds to this tonal. I chose this electric blue color: 

For my next tonal fabric, I once again tested out colors that were in my fussy cut sections. At first I thought these two contrasted nicely:

But when I placed my electric blue diamond on the green it seemed to get lost. This is why I said to be sure to use very contrasting tonals:

So, I went with this redish purple tonal instead.
You will need only about 1/3 of a yard if you place your diamonds carefully. You will baste the remaining 54 diamonds with this contrasting tonal.

Finally, we are down to our tiny triangles.
REMEMBER: We ONLY NEED 120 1.5" triangles. The rest are just a spaced out mistake on my part. 

For the triangles, choose a solid that again contrasts well with two tonals.
I originally was thinking I could use all the black areas in the panels for my solid triangle pieces, but that wouldn't turn out looking very good because there just wasn't enough contrast between that black and my other pieces.

So I decided to go bright and, yep, much better.
So please choose a tonal that contrasts really nicely.

You will need between 1/3-1/2 yd of your solid and all 120 triangles need to be basted with it. 

A recap:

Tonal A: 3/4 yard baste 108 diamonds
Tonal B: 1/3 yd baste 54 diamonds
Solid: 1/3- 1/2 yd baste 120 triangles.

Please please share your fabric selections in the Facebook group. We LOVE to see them.

I know I've given you a ton of basting right off the bat, before you even purchased your fabric. Well now you know exactly what you will be doing with them. I think this will make it easier for fabric selection. You don't need to have everything basted before we begin. Start with your large diamonds. We will sew them up first.
I'll meet you back here on the 20th.
That's lots of time to choose fabric and at least begin your basting.

Have fun and please tell others about this mystery! 

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