Saturday, August 20, 2016

Space Journey Post 4: Sewing Stars!

If we had a telescope at our disposal, we could look up and see an amazing universe of color and light. I have a few photos here for you, since you don't have a telescope right there in front of you.

These white stars are small and ancient. As a star ages it loses color and grows smaller. These are called "White Dwarfs".
(source: space. com)

These blue stars are a cluster called Pleiades.
They are in the Taurus constellation.
(source: wikipedia)

The sky at night is a beautiful burst of color!
This cluster is called the Omega Centauri. Red stars are actually cooler and smaller than blue stars.
(source: arstechna .com)

This chart is really interesting. It shows the lifecycle of various types of stars.
(Source: SETI institute) 

So, now its time to make your stars. Your entire mystery centers around these two stars. You will use your 12 matching diamonds to make them. Remember, you can turn those diamonds either direction to change the look of your star. For my blue quilt, I wanted mine to have black centers. So here is how my blue stars turned out. 

I've not sewn my other stars for my second quilt yet. Here is an example of how they could be turned either way:

They both look really neat but since my other stars are black in the middle I think I'll go with this one:

If you are new to EPP, here are a couple of tips for you. 

1) When sewing stars don't worry about those little flappy wings. Just fold them back with your finger and sew away. No need to hold onto your pieces super tight either. That is a common mistake for beginners. Then you get all stiffened up. They aren't going to run away. Relax your muscles. 

2) Sew your star in two halves as shown below before sewing it into a star. If you were to go around in a circle, you would create a little hole right in the middle of your star. 

And that, my Space Journey friends, is your first sewing post.
I know it will only take you a few days. 
This is Saturday, so lets meet back on Wednesday for your next clue! 


  1. Excited to get started sewing the stars!! Is there a blog that speaks directly to how to sew the pieces together? Can you point me to it? Thank you.

    1. Do you mean you are new to English Paper Piecing?
      Mostly people watch videos for that. I have a few but I think the best are produced by Sue Daley. It's super easy, and one or two videos and you'll be stitching quickly!

  2. Do love the black star that you are going with. Love the blue ones too.

  3. Do the two stars need to be identical or is it alright to do one pointed one way and the other opposite?

    1. Sure, you can do that. It would work fine.

  4. Great question Becky. I look forward to the answer.