Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Space Journey Post 5: Making Meteorids.

As you all know that when I do a mystery quilt series, I always like to add in a little twist that makes mine different than the normal quilt mystery. That would be because I am just all around different.

For our Space Journey, I decided to make it a bit of a learning series. So today let's learn about Meteors.

Did you know that a meteor is not the same as a meteroid? And then there is a meteorite.

After consulting the above chart, I decided our next pieces couldn't be called showers.

 Nor could they be called meteorites because they are not in the earth's atmosphere.

We are floating out in Space here folks, so today we are going to make us some Meteroids. 

They are really simple to make.
You are going to take 12 of your sideways fussy cut diamonds
and you are going to place them as such to make a hexagon:

Of course, you again have a decision to make.
Which direction will you go with?
Either way is fun.

This is the direction I chose.
Don't they look nice with my stars?
You WILL HAVE 2 extra pieces.
Save them for later. Much later.

The question has been asked about the stars:
"Can they be pieced the opposite. So one goes one way and one goes another."

You are the quilter. I am just a means to the end. You can do your quilt however you like.
Will it look ok? Yes.
If you do the same with the meteorids will the look ok?
Yes. Your quilt might not be as uniform as ours.
But it's yours. And that is ok.

I'll meet you back here in a week for your next clue! 

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  1. Tonya, don't you sleep! This was posted at midnight.