Monday, August 8, 2016

Space JourneyEDIT!! Triangle GOOF... My brain is in outer space

I was sitting here packaging paper pieces tonight and thinking, I never used this many triangles on the design. What in the world did I do?

So I got out my drawing and counted them up again.. and I have NO IDEA HOW

120 Triangles got counted as 246 Triangles. But it happened.

I am clueless at times. I SO WANTED this mystery to go mistakeless but ah well, I am not only a human but I am a human that works alot. So, my brain took it's only little space case journey I guess.


YOU ONLY NEED 120 TRIANGLES, NOT 246 of them. 

Sheesh. Forgive me.


  1. We all make mistakes. Besides I haven't seen the post to cut out all those triangles for basting so you caught it in plenty of time. Good work!!!

  2. When will you post the fabric requirements? I will be at a big AQS quilt show all day on Thursday, and I was hoping to know what I will need when there so I can look for fabric for this mystery.