Friday, September 23, 2016

Space Journey 9: Wing fighters

 Make 24
(Make sure the diamond of the third color is on top; the matching diamonds on the bottom).

Okay so they don't really look too much like wing fighters...

Ya, I know its Friday, not Wednesday and I know I broke a promise.
Tell my life to calm a bit. I did take a couple of days off. It was by force because I had an allergic reaction to meds and ended up spending a day at the ER this last week, but hey, it was a day off right?

anyway, see ya next wednesday.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Space Journey post 8: Shooting Stars

First of all let me apologize for being a couple of days late again. I've much going on with my family and much to consider about my business. I've had some personal very minor health hiccups too. But all that aside I should've just preposted the blog posts because then they would be done for you!

Now, as for the mystery, there is VERY LITTLE sharing and posting going on. Please please share what you are doing, this will encourage me to do more. If I don't see people activily responding, at least to a blog post then it looks like no one is doing the mystery and isn't very encouraging for me to carry on with a new mystery. So, please, let me know if you are out there enjoying or hating. Whichever let me know!

Ok moving on...

I think there might only be one or two completely finished with tumbling blocks so lets move back to big and easy this week. We are going to make some shooting stars.

Using the final 16 matching diamonds, sew them up in pairs.
You should have a total of 8 "Shooting Stars" when you are finished:

I'll see you next Wednesday, and this time I promise because I am going to pre-post it!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Space Journey post 7: little triangles and what they can do

I am sorry I didn't get my blog post out yesterday. We've actually been undergoing a family medical crisis and I totally forgot. (No it's not my husband this time. I'll blog about it in a day or two.)

I have to run to the hospital so no time for a fancy blog post this morning, but I will tell you that we are going to begin using our small triangles along with our tumbling blocks to make several different settings.

Only today we are ignoring our tumbling blocks and are going to add them to our small hexagons first.

You need to place triangles on three sides all opposite of each other. If done correctly, you will turn your hexagon into triangle itself.
Do this with all of your hexagons and I'll see you next Wednesday. (well for the mystery anyway. I want to get around to blogging a lot more about life, etc so maybe I'll find the time this week. I really used to enjoy blogging and would like to get back to it. )