Friday, September 16, 2016

Space Journey post 8: Shooting Stars

First of all let me apologize for being a couple of days late again. I've much going on with my family and much to consider about my business. I've had some personal very minor health hiccups too. But all that aside I should've just preposted the blog posts because then they would be done for you!

Now, as for the mystery, there is VERY LITTLE sharing and posting going on. Please please share what you are doing, this will encourage me to do more. If I don't see people activily responding, at least to a blog post then it looks like no one is doing the mystery and isn't very encouraging for me to carry on with a new mystery. So, please, let me know if you are out there enjoying or hating. Whichever let me know!

Ok moving on...

I think there might only be one or two completely finished with tumbling blocks so lets move back to big and easy this week. We are going to make some shooting stars.

Using the final 16 matching diamonds, sew them up in pairs.
You should have a total of 8 "Shooting Stars" when you are finished:

I'll see you next Wednesday, and this time I promise because I am going to pre-post it!


  1. Oh Tonya, life does have a way of happening. I got side tracked right off the bat (after buying fabric, etc) when my daughter developed severe pre-eclampsia three months before her due date. They were able to buy her 5 extra days (to get the baby ready for delivery) before having to do a C/S of my grandson @ 27 wk, 1lb 8 oz micro preemie.

    Incredibly blessed that she was transferred to a teaching hospital that specializes in 23-28 week preemies, and he has done very, very well.

    Life is just beginning to settle into a fairly stable rhythm and I'm hoping to get back to my sewing. One of my pleasures in the crazy time has been to look and see what others are doing... seeing the beautiful patterns come together.

    Thank YOU for all your work, and your willingness to lead us on to new adventures!


  2. I'm reading the blog and basting all my shapes to take on vacation in October. Thank you for doing this!