Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Space Journey post 10: The enemy ships!

First of all before I post I want to thank ALL OF YOU. Every single one of you have been so kind and not complained AT ALL, as in NONE about my late posts. I am feeling MUCH MUCH better this week.It turns out that all my illness goes back to a tooth extraction on Sept 9th. It caused me a FULL MONTH of illness! I will tell you more about it another day. I am too excited to move on with the mystery now. 
So let's get on with it! 


No space story is complete without space craft. And if we are going to have Wing Fighters, I guess we best have enemy ships as well. It totally made me laugh as I was planning this mystery to realize that each of these pieces seriously resemble either something from space or something from Star Wars! 

Recognize this? 

It is Darth Vader's TIE Fighter.

Today we are going to make our own TIE Fighters to battle with our Wing Fighters.

Make 12 of these:

Note that the matching colors are in the middle, the opposite single pieces on the end.
When stitching these up, I like to work from inside out. I find I line up my centers much better that way. I am still not perfect. Well my pieces aren't. I guess me either. *grin*

My friends, you have been so awesome. Thank you. You are the most understanding people of anywhere.
If you get the chance, please share your journey with me.
Whether via fb or pinterest or blogs or email, I would really love to see how you've done so far!
I'll see you next Wednesday.
For real this time! 


  1. I am getting excited to see how this turns out. Just when I think I might have it figured you steer another direction. Good job.

    1. Thank you!!
      I just love thinking them all out.
      We are getting to the assembly sections now! We will really start seeing it come together!