Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Space Journey post 11: Constellations!

Absolutely we MUST have constellations!

Take a look at your little hexagon triangles. Remember that I said you could make 12,2 or 6,6,2 or all 12 alike? If you made 2 that were different than the rest these are the two you will use today. If you made all of them the same, then just pick 2 of them.

We are going to add triangles to the other sides and make these into hexagon stars.
JUST TWO of them. 

Now you should have 6 last tumbling blocks.
Add them to three sides of your stars, and suddenly you have your own constellations! 

If you have not joined us on this mystery and would like to join in,
soon I will be starting all over again and you can sew along with me.
I want to make one with different fabric, I am not even sure what yet!
But I'll pick it out soon.
If you would like to sew with me, you can go to the Space Journey tab up at the top of this blog and look at all the posts so far. The very beginning has the fabric requirements.
I won't be starting until the end of this mystery, because there are some working through this one that might enjoy making a second one once they see how it is all laid out.

I just wanted everyone to have a heads up so they could start thinking about their fabric selection.

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