Monday, October 31, 2016

Space Journey Post 13: A Space Station

You know, I was thinking about what to call the clue this week. We've had stars and fighters and constellations and so on . But this week, all I could think about was the connection made by man in space.
Remember when man first started exploring space?
 It was a race between the Russians and the Americans.
But now look what it is today, universal man working together.
Here is a picture of the Mir... perhaps the most well known of all space stations.

Let's make our own space station.

Use just two of these:

Stitch them together. 

And stick your constellations on the end.
See? Your own space station! 

Since this was a super easy, fast clue,
I'll be back on Friday with another!

Have you figured it out yet?
Ha! I thought not!
(* Ms. Hillbilly is having too much fun with this one *)

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