Saturday, October 1, 2016

The post before the post: AKA a family update

I know that I've been a horrible mystery host this time around. I haven't even felt like blogging and telling what all is going on. I know if you are friends with me on Facebook, then you know the last three weeks have been super hard on this household. For those of you that don't know, I would like to explain a little so that you understand why I've been such an awful mystery host this time around.

We will start with grandmother:
My grandmother is/was a hard woman. She pushed everyone that ever got close to her out of her life. For good. Up until a month ago, I had heard nothing about/from/concerning my grandmother for 12 years. She was the type that if you did attempt to call or show up she would call the sheriff on you and file harrassment charges. She lived out in the country and has called the sheriff on every neighbor who ever tried to help her. She hasn't had running water for several years, and her home was horrid. It was literally infested with so many rats and mice the furniture was all eaten , stuffing all over the floor as nesting places. The remotes, phone, everything was covered in feces. Since it was in the country, no matter how many places we called, there was nothing we could do. (Myself and neighbors tried.)
Well, then grandmother fell and hit her head very badly, and she is now in a demented state. Only she never signed any power of attorney, etc. So, me being next of kin, the last few weeks I've had to deal with getting her moved to a nursing home, legal issues, etc. In fact, I cannot even afford to take it to court and make myself her legal guardian. So the nursing home is seeking guardianship of her (because they want paid.)
This year I SO looked forward to every single Tuesday. It was to be my all day sewing/me day. I drive my son to a school that is over an hour away that day, and it was to FINALLY be my down day. But, instead, I have grandmother in a home there in the same town as my son's Tuesday academy, so the day is spent dealing with the nursing home, etc. That is one of my only two days off a week. The other day off is reserved for my little boy, so the sewing gets neglected.

And then there is Jerry. For a year now he's been so very very stable but that is no more. Last weekend he had another TIA. (Mini stroke). And all week he's felt so awful. In fact, one day he had to get up and get dressed so I could get to work and he literally fell asleep getting dressed. It left me scrambling to find a sitter so I could get to work. He has so many different things wrong with him, it is hard to know what is hitting him at this time. But, regardless, all of his conditions are life threatening, and we've had such a quiet year, this was to be expected eventually. Now more than ever I needed my business(es) to work out because I need to be home. But, sadly, my fabric business is a wash up. I've pretty much given up on it. I don't have time to deal with it anyway. And my design/pattern/website... I really want to get better about it but not while my life is in such turmoil. I've not touched a needle in thread in so long I think I've just thrown up my hands and given up...yet I really can't do that because I have bills to pay... so I'll pick it back up again soon. Maybe. Depends on what is going on with the hubby and it's time to get him back into docs and figure out what we need to do before he gets much worse.


And finally, there is me. Usually I am the healthy one. I never have alot wrong with me, like ever. My bloodwork is usually very good, and I stay pretty healthy. Except for the last three weeks. And those three weeks I've been quite a mess. I have been having very strong allergic reactions, only we don't know to what. I've had to rush to the ER multiple times. I am on very strong allergy and steroid drugs, yet even with those I have big flare ups every few days.
The itchy areas are not like normal hives at all, and act sort of like Erythema Multiforme. Yet they go away without ever creating a real sore. Also when in the middle of a severe reaction, my upper body goes into extreme pain. Like disabilitating pain. My hands will curl up and into myself. I'll shake, and it is just awful. Last night I had a reaction and my face swelled. Last week my throat was awful. It moves around... and is the weirdest stuff. But the worst, it wipes me out. I am exhausted. I sleep alot more than I normally do. Some mornings are really tough and I feel bad for Stephen. I am powerless to hold my eyes open so we make it a movie morning while I sleep off the previous nights drugs.
Originally we thought my body was reacting to strong ibuprofen doses I had to take due to a bad dental extraction. But since it keeps hanging around, we just don't know. My doctor is trying to get me into a specialist so we can get to the bottom of it. In fact, I think they totally expected the problem to end by the end of the week...but yet it remains so my doc will be really on top of it next week.

This morning, as I type, I am coming off of a bad reaction. I have a mystery blog to post, and I have a very patient lady waiting on me to get her some diamonds shipped out. But first, I have to rest. Thankfully, the day is long and I don't go into work. So I'll work on my work at home all day, off and on as I can.


And that my friends is why I am such an awful mystery host this time around. Between myself, my grandma, and my husband I just can't find a moment. Not a single moment. But I am looking for one.


  1. You are not an awful host, you are a very caring person. The majority of Quilters can understand that, there is always someone who doesn't though please don't let them get you down.

    1. Actually everyone has been very very patient. The first couple of mysteries had a lot of new to EPP folks, sewing it by machine instead. But by the time it got to this mystery, the machine sewists have stepped away and the EPP sewists tend to be very patient as they know it takes a lot of time.

  2. I agree with Michelle. You are a beautiful loving person and life has dealt you some awful blows. Look after yourself and Jerry and Stephen , they are the important people. Prayers once again winging your way.

  3. Praying for you and with you, my friend. I've asked the readers of the study blog to join me. Rest in His arms and gather strength for your tasks.

  4. Looking after yourself and your family is the most important thing you can do. All the rest will be waiting when you are back on track again. Love and blessings from a new fan, and friend, from Australia.