Monday, October 10, 2016

When I left you last...

I was quite hopeful that I could pick up where we left off and begin our mystery again. But then I took meds. And they made me sicker than a dog. I mean really really sick.

So I took a couple of days break from them, which will cause all kinds of people to preach at me. I'm not trying to act like I know more than the doctors, or to ignore the doctors orders, etc. Nope. I just am the only healthy parent my child has. He is only six years old. So I did what I had to do because I was getting worse and worse. I took a couple of days break from the meds. I was the mom he needed me to be for a few days.

 Today I feel great! I got orders caught up, I've worked some on fabric and will as my son does his schoolwork.

The only problem is, I had to get back on my meds today. So I don't expect it to last.

THEREFORE, I think I am going to pre blog the entire rest of the mystery. My pieces will not be sewn together, but I can show you what it looks like, and it will be fine. That way you don't have to wait on me because if it's anything like last week... I'll be a mess and will get worse as the week goes.
I can always edit my posts if I get them sewn up before its time for them to post for you.

Lesson learned: no matter how far ahead you are of the rest of the folks, never begin a mystery until the quilt is its entirety. So the entire thing can be blogged in advanced. Then one doesn't have to worry about it. So it will be awhile before the next mystery. Just sayin'.

Anyway, tomorrow we will get back on track and the mystery will begin again. I look forward to it, because I actually love this Space Journey. If I get kind of spacey in my posts... just ignore and call it steroids instead of meteoroids.

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