Friday, November 18, 2016

Space Journey Post 16: Expand the Super Novas part 1

It is time to start wrapping up our Space Journey.
It has been fun and I think we have all had a BLAST! 

I sure have.
I know what you are sitting there thinking.
"But all we have are all these random pieces! "
Oh for sure, but all these little pieces fit together to make our beautiful creation, just as the real stars do. 

Today we are just going to expand our Super Novas.
Then next Wednesday I'll give a clue that will probably solve the mystery for many of you.

You are going to sew four of those shooting stars from way back on post 8 to your super novas.
Sew 4 of each shooting star to each super nova.
Here is what one looks like. Yep, the bottom is a bit "unfinished".
We will deal with that on Wednesday.
Make 2 of these: 

Your pieces won't lay flat until you take the paper out of them.
No bid deal.
And you can start removing papers if you would like. Those middle stars can be removed since they are totally surrounded. Or wait until the end. Whichever. Personal preference.
See you Wednesday and I am super excited to do so because I think some of you will solve the mystery with the next clue given.

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