Sunday, November 27, 2016

Space Journey Solved!

I know I was silent about the finish but as soon as I saw that a couple of people had the mystery almost solved (they posted in our mystery facebook group), I clammed up and gave them the chance to figure it out.
Then suddenly Elizabeth B. posted this photo and she had the mystery solved and finished!
This is a photo of her finish: 

I want to point out a couple of important things for you to note:
1) The little hexagons are positioned with every other one to make the pattern more symmetrical.
2) The center of the design looks a bit "funky" so to speak and some might wonder why I didn't plan to contiue the star all the way around with the same fabric, (such as the same design in the metriods as in the shooting stars). Well, the reason is I was trying to work with just those two fabric panels so we had to have enough to go around, so the elements had to be changed a bit.

If you see the pattern as just a pattern, no fabric, you should be able to see other fabric possibilities.
I even would like to make a smaller version to match of just the one large hexa-flower (like half the runner). 

I also want to sew a couple more versions, one of them with less wild fabric. 

I REALLY enjoyed this journey and hope you did as well.
Please leave comments, good and bad.
About the design, pattern, mystery, whatever. I need feedback! 

Soon I will blog ways to finish your mystery.
In the mean time I am going to make another blog post right after this one.
We have the future to discuss! Mysteries and More!

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