Saturday, December 24, 2016

Your gift is on the way!

I don't remember what I have blogged and what I haven't, and using this device I am not even going to try to go back and read them. I HATE blogger for mobile. It is awful.

Anyway, what I am getting at is, I left. I flew the coop. I gave up the ship. I WALKED AWAY. Yes. Yes I did. I shut my businesses (yes plural) down and just took a hike. I seriously needed a break. Things on the home front have been crazy (I know that is SO redundant of me... but seriously it's the truth. There is always SOMETHING going on here that is so out of the ordinary that I think many have decided we live for dramatization and make things up. But, nope. Not the case. We just like extreme living I guess.

ANYWAY (didn't I already say all of that? )

I am on the way back. I am working my way back around. I am finding my little place in my new world.

I DO HAVE ANOTHER MYSTERY! Yes, I do. And I wanted to give it to you TONIGHT! As a Christmas gift. Well I at least wanted to announce what it was all about. But, I cannot. Soon, but not tonight.

I've been sewing on mine and its very pretty. You will like it.

And that is all I am going to say about that. I guess it is sort of like a box of chocolates. I like boxes of chocolates. Sort of. I don't like the growth that also comes with them. Oh gosh, now I totally want a box of Russel Stovers Orange centered chocolates... ever had them? My ex husband used to buy them for me. I should totally call him and tell him I need some. No, probably not. Still, Santa must not think I was very good cuz he didn't bring me any.

AnYwAy (I got distracted again), I will be back soon.
I know you want to know how to finish the last quilt and I know you want to know about the next mystery. I JUST NEVER HAVE TIME ALONE.
Oh THAT is my Christmas wish. Not much time... just enough time to get the business up and going again. That is a huge wish because I had to remove my son from his little one day Academy so there goes ever any hope at all of me ever having time to myself ever again for 10 years anyway. Maybe Santa can swing it for me?

After Christmas I am going to have a little sit down with my husband and we will find that time for me. Because frankly, I have all these patterns in my wee little head giving me a headache because there are so many wanting free!

Therefore, Merry Christmas all and I'll see you soon. Very soon. Only not tonight. I need to go not put my orange candies into my stocking. ( I didn't buy myself anything... I am just sticking some knitting yarn down in there and hoping that satisfies my young son into thinking it was from the jolly man in red). I will, however, enjoy a certain plate of cookies and milk. Someone has to, right?

I'll be back soon. Thanks for the break. It was kind of you. You've all been super patient.


  1. Ahhh Tonya, I would gift you time if it were in my power. I remember the good old days when you were so blessed with your business. As for chocolates I like Godiva raspberry creams. It has been years since I have had on but the memory is a fine one. Now I am happy with a bit of German chocolate from Aldi. Once upon a time there was enough time. That is a fairy tale I know. Your future history is not written in stone and I pray for circumstances to change for the positive in your life. Merry Christmas, my old friend. May your New Year be a Happy Creative One. Love you.

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family. They are the greatest gift any of us could get.