Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A book review for all ages

When I took my business back to the bare basics, I had decided that I was going to start all over again in every way, which includes this blog. 
On my old blog, I used to talk about EVERYTHING. From hillbilly sillies, to stories about my family, to quilt tutorials, I just blogged it all. And I LOVED it. But when Jerry first got sick five years ago (has it been that long??!!) I disappeared.

I mean it. I lost ME. 

So, I determined that when I basically took my little shop down to the very basics, JUST pdf designs, then it was time to start everything over again, including this blog.
Because I LOVE writing and it's a great outlet for me, and maybe even it will be a good read for you.

Reading and writing go hand in hand. So, I also vowed to pick up a book. And read it. I have SO MANY books. My husband and I were both avid readers at one time...before he got sick. We enhaled books. He can barely read anymore, and I never read because I was lost.
So I picked up a book.
I started with a kid's book.
One should NEVER mind reading a kid's book. Plus I need to decide at what age to read each book to Stephen. So I am slowly reading through our library, and am marking each book at what age to read them to my son.

Just today I finished a classic by E. B. White.
Now if you don't recognize that author, he wrote Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little.
And this book which I had never read before: 

At first I really enjoyed the story. I love outdoor stories and animal stories. I'd never read much about Trumpeter Swans and I looked forward to learning about these beautiful birds.

Just as in the other books mentioned above, the story line allowed for the animals to take on human traits and that is when I thought I might not enjoy it.  
Not that animals taking on human traits is a problem. I am just a realist. My favorite genre is biography or historical fiction.
I like it to be true or sound true.
But the more I read, the more I grew to love this swan.
And there is something to be said for older books. The character lessons are so good. This little swan rose above.
In fact, as I sit here and type, I am realizing just how much I can learn from this swan and his trumpet. 

Grab you a cookie, or a bon bon, or even a carrot stick. Sit down and read this treasure. It will only take you a day or two.
And I am not affiliated with anyone but me and my little family.
And my little family is so happy that I am finding my way to ME again.

Now what shall I read next?
Lemme go pick something...
Because we all know that I should be sewing but at the end of a long day, its so much better for me to just read a book. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

8 Shooters: Clue ten, baste it all again!

In the last few weeks we have been working on our pretty background colors.
Below are the colors I chose.

We started with the darker one.
We still have some pieces not sewn up, but place them aside for now.

This week we are going to baste squares and triangles again.
ALL of your remaining squares and small triangles need to be basted to the lighter of the

A quick count that I HOPE is accurate is there should be 80 small triangles and
48 squares, My pieces are at the other house at the moment so please tell me you have 80 small triangles and 48 squares left. (Because if you will remember right my pattern got lost in the move and has yet to be found. I sound like a disorganized mess but its only because my kids packed/moved my desk!)

I am going to see you in ten days this time. I have all mine basted but I feel like last week had a lot of sewing plus this is a lot of basting for those that hand baste.
If you are caught up then please share in the facebook group so that we can see, or even if you have just begun please share! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 9: Indian Time!

For this mystery we are playing Cowboys. And no game of cowboy would be complete without playing a game of Cowboys and Indians. 
It kind of makes me sad that in the political correctness of our society, our littles hardly play Cowboys and Indians anymore. Because, after all they are "Native Americans". Yes. Yes they are. But I am Cherokee. 1/4 Cherokee. Not a lot but enough to have enough Indian heritage to not be ashamed to be called an Indian. Sorry... I chased a rabbit there. 
We are playing Cowboys and Indians this week my mystery friends. 

Last Clue we were sewing our dark background pieces to Shooters Set One.
This week we are going to sew to Shooters Set TWO.

We are not going to touch our four shooters from SET TWO this week. Instead we are going to pick up our Double Shots (also from SET TWO)  and turn them into arrows.

Ok so they look like rocket ships.
That was the last mystery.
We are sharp shooters this time folks. So this is an arrow.
Cuz we are playing Cowboys and Indians this week.

I'll see you in a week. And this time its for real because I am already done with my portion.

I am so sorry this post took so long. I blogged why.
 You can read all about it here.
No matter how sick my husband gets, I am now trying to rebuild my business just as a pattern business. The dream still is to cut down my work hours some and travel to guilds and shops teaching or doing mini mystery classes.
 So please trust me that I will be around more since I've now up and moved my family and we are making a fresh start. A better start.
Of course we tried that a year and a half ago, and here we go again.
Hoping this is our last new start for a long time.

A quick move

Before I post the next mystery clue, I want to blog about why it has taken so long and where Ive been.

A few weeks ago a bad, unmentionable thing happened to Stephen. I won't go into details but never, ever do I miss work. This happened while I was at work. I rushed home and took off the next 5 days. During this time my husband and I decided we just had to move. This was strike two in this category of bad, and it was much worse than last time. We were not going to wait on a strike three.

So I began feverishly looking for a place that we could afford. But found nothing. So we decided to go forward and see if we could get a home loan. There are so many ins and outs of his disability battle and one big financial decision is still in court. So we were unable to get a loan until that court decision is made.

Right after we found that out, I woke up one morning and told my husband that I am hitting the road and finding somewhere. Something. I drove south. Further south than we cared to go but for months I've felt the urge to 'move south of the metro/ south of the river'. I work north of the river. But I looked south. I ended up in Independence. I grew up there. When I left I swore I would never, ever move back. But I found a subdivision. Sadly, thank to my husbands health, we have to become part of the low income population. I'm ok with that. I just wanted a decent neighborhood. This duplex subdivision seemed fairly quiet. Some places looked run down but some looked well kept.

I called on one place. Nope, she said no way on a dog. Well, our dog is family so no thanks to her too.

I called on another one. They wouldn't answer. I've tried with them before. The agent lived in Colorado. No thanks.

Then I found another. A scribbled sign in the yard with a number. And we got the place. Our new landlord is the best I've ever had. (well I liked the ones in Southern Mo too). The place is clean and well kept. So within weeks after the 'thing' happened to our boy, we were gone. I moved fast. I just wanted him out of there. And me out of there.

Stephen was heartbroken at first. But one day when he was quite upset, I reached out my pinkie and I pinkie promised him that all would be fine. We are building a new life. And he's been trying to trust me about that.

Well, all has been fine. In just two weeks Stephen has gotten involved in community events and made friends.

The move isn't easy. I am not even close to being done. I still have half the home to pack up. I keep going and buying cookware since I've not moved the kitchen yet. I can only move on days off. And my husband is too sick to help much. He's gotten worse. And worse. He fell today when trying to get dressed. So I have 15 days. And in those days I have to spend some of my days off getting him to KU for tests. But I'll get it done eventually.

The reason I am telling all this to you: This is why the mystery clue is late. When the unmentionable happened to Stephen I, right then and there, removed many of you from my personal facebook profile. If I don't know you, then I am sorry but I won't 'friend' you. Because I have a young son, a sick husband, and I don't need people I don't know looking at what we are doing. So, sorry if I unfriended you. I just friend people I know. That I REALLY know. Because my family is precious to me and must be guarded. So, you all didn't know what was going on, and were kept in the dark. I am sorry. When all went down I just worked as fast as I could to make things right for us.

Now, lets get to the mystery, shall we?
Its coming in the next post in a few minutes.

Monday, May 1, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 8: 888

Today I bring you the 8th Clue
in your 8 Shooters Mystery.
You need 8 squares of the background color that you just basted. 

I LOVE this clue.
Because we are starting to finally combining colors and making some pop.
Today we are just going to work with your Shooters Set One.
This set only has one 8 Shooter.
Give it four squares.
(Take a moment and remove your diamond papers as well. JUST the diamond papers.)

Then sew a square to the tip of each of your other four 6 pointer partial stars that go with SET ONE. 

And now you have 8 squares for your 8th clue of your 8 shooter mystery.

I have no doubt that some of you will have these all sewn up by days end. POST IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP when you are caught up. We LOVE to see the posts!

So I could say I'd give you the next clue in 3 days.
If I wasn't moving.
But I am moving and taking it a day at a time, a trip at a time around work.
Therefore, it's going to be a week.
If I get mine done sooner, I'll post it sooner.

8n't that somethin'?

Friday, April 21, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 7 : Fiddle a new Tune

 I know I am a hillbilly at heart, I even devoted an entire mystery around a Shindig!
But cowboys and dancin go hand in hand.
You just can't be workin' all of the time!
So for a few more weeks we will continue dancing around before we pick up our guns and do more shooting.

Today lets switch up the tune a bit, shall we? 

Remember that you were supposed to have two different sets of solid matching background. One set required 1/3 yard of each and one set required 1/2 yard of each.
Today we will be using the set that requires 1/2 Yard of each.
BE CAREFUL, choose your CORRECT set.
Solid matching background set one will be sit aside for quite awhile yet.
If you scroll way back to the fabric requirement post
(you can find it here), then you will see that I chose purples for my SET TWO. 

We will begin with the darker of the your two solids.
Baste 40 squares
Baste 64 small triangles
Baste 4 medium triangles

That is a lot of basting and polishing before the next song plays, so we best meet back in ten(ish) days.
What is today... lets see it is Friday the 21st, so let's meet up to do another square dance on May 1st. That sounds nice. 

I appreciate your patience in this mystery. The slow-and-steady-win-the-race pace is allowing those who thread baste and those with health problems be able to follow along without getting too far behind.
I know you are so eager to get back to fussy cutting and star shooting but trust me, it will be worth it to wait and you will love this finish.

Now that I know that I am keeping The Beast (my laser that I use to cut papers) I am excitedly getting ready to prepare the tree skirt kits.
And I am also going to spend an entire day off soon making kits for all previous patterns and get them back up for sale on the website.
We can do this people! Keep sharing about your friendly little Hillbilly.
I'd love to be traveling to guilds or shops by fall so keep that in mind!

Also, I will also be blogging more often...not just the mystery posts.
I am trying to revive the ol' Hillbilly from long ago. And she LOVED blogging.
See ya soon!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


It is no secret that my balloon has been slowly deflating for 6-8 months now. 

Last year about this time I was all eager beaver. I was approved for a working capital loan, I got all set up to embark on a journey to create enough things to 'bring me home' so that I could be home with my husband to care for him and so that I could see my son more.

But quickly things happened.
Terrible things.
You see, we don't get to choose our path. You hear so many quotes about choosing your path... but really... the truth is, you don't get to choose.
God chooses.
And sometimes that path is TOUGH.
Like at any moment you feel like you are just going to fall off the edge.

Or that you are already falling.
That's where I've been since fall.
Falling. Falling. Falling.
Trying to find something to catch on the way down.
But still falling.
People have reached out, but despite their efforts, I was still falling. 

I tried. I tried so hard.
I did the mysteries.
I tried to re do my website.
But so many things were not on my side.

Perhaps the biggest is the lack of time. 

And the horrid mess of finances since we've been fighting the disability battle and insurance battle with my husband.
I think I've been in shock. Me who always tries to pay every bill on time. Who tries to be super frugal and doesn't own a credit card, and hasn't in years.
But there was absolutely nothing I could do. I tried everything.
And they still came and took the car.
I cried. Not for my car But that I couldn't do the right thing.

In the midst of all the struggles we had illness to battle. Since fall I've been to urgent care 9 times.
I've had many many reactions (I just had a light one again the other day! I we still don't know what sets them off but they are at least calm and controlled now. ) I've also had two sinus infections, two upper respiratory infections, and a double ear infection. I am kind of used to that but it makes you exhausted. So I fell further.
Jerry's insurance and med nightmare had us spending every single penny trying to get him the medicine that he needs. And those life saving meds were way more important than a car payment. 

By Feb/Mar I was very close to hitting ground.
I was done. Ready to be done with quilting for good.
But not really. Quilting is the very last thing that is still me.
You know... that old me from long ago before Jerry got sick.
Everything else about me has changed.
I mean I am REALLY  changed.
And the only thing that resembles a sparkle of the old me is quilting.

But last month my husband and I decided that due to finances and government decisions, quilting has to end too.
And that was it.
Hillbilly was about to be gone forever.
Hillbilly Quilt Shop was about to be burned to the ground. I had decided that after the current mystery, it was over.

Then a few days ago I pinched myself.

And I realized, it hurt! I am still here.
I've not hit the ground yet!

So, I sat myself down and had me a chat with my husband. And I told him:
I am not stopping.
I will design.
I will sew.
I will quilt.
I will create.
I will find my spark again.
Because, while God chooses our paths, He also shows us the way.
And I really feel like HE is saying, "Don't let go."

So I refuse. I am not.
And I know me.
In order to jumpstart me and get me on the road and headed down the path again,
I have to have something to stir me up.
So one night when I couldn't sleep I looked at all my quilt books.
Then I spent some time looking around at what's new in the quilt world.
And decided this is my jumpstarter.
I signed up for this class: 

Then I went to the quilt shop yesterday and got a ruler foot and my daughter bought me these because she believes in me:
(These are the Westalee starter ruler set). 

Have you ever looked into this quilting with rulers thing?
You use the rulers and a ruler foot to create all kinds of amazing designs.
My little designers heart perked it's ears up about that!
If you know anything about this then share with me in the comments, as I am super stoked to learn all that I can.

These were the INSPIRATION that gave me GUMPTION again...

Toss me some more of that INSPIRAGUMPTION, will ya? 

And then since I was all fired up, last night I sat down with the husband man.
And I said something along these lines:
I know you are sick. And tired. And sick and tired of being sick and tired, but we live in a very unhappy home. So, as a family we are going to change that.

And I told him the rule.
You know... the big rule.

We all know the rule but the men seem to need a lot of reminders.
I told my husband that I've been begging for time to myself for FIVE YEARS NOW.
Really, it's been that long. Some of my besties can testify to that.
I work, then spend every spare moment with Stephen, then sleep then repeat.
No more.
I get my solitude.
Solitude is where I recharge.
I don't mind walking the dangerous path so much as long as I can get me some time to think and deal with it.

Solitude is also when I can find to sew.
So I made him promise.
From now on, each and every week I get 4-6 hours JUST FOR ME TO SPEND WITH ME.
I know that isn't much time but its a whole lot more than I've been getting.

I am having that free time right now.
I spent my first official minutes of freedom to write to you.
Because you are that special and I know that you believe in me.

Sadly I've got a lot of work I have to do at first before I can have fun with my machine and designs, and things like that.
I'm now officially three years behind on taxes.
I think I am going to hire an accountant.
For real. I've been saying that forever. But this time I mean it. And I told my husband so.
Because this business is not going to grow unless someone does all that paperwork/tax/businessy stuff. It might be different if my life were different but for FIVE YEARS NOW I've had very little spare time and I refuse to use it on taxes. Seriously. I get 4-6 hours a week. No.
I am hiring an accountant.

But that is ok. I've got one more INSPIRAGUMPTION up my sleeve to keep my motivation motivated.
I had a brochure hanging on the wall for the last year. It was for this machine: A Babylock Spirit.
The Spirit is an embroidery machine with lots of capabilities and I wanted it mainly for quilting. I knew that I could design quilting patterns and have just as much fun quilting my quilts as I do piecing them.
But it was a lofty dream that was one of those "it will never happen but it's fun to look at anyway" kind of things. It is one pricey puppy. 

And last month when we decided I was going to kill the hillbilly, I wadded up the brochure and threw it away. So when I was at the sewing shop yesterday, I did some contemplating.
And discussing. And now this brochure hangs on my wall for someday. Since I don't need this machine to quilt (I will be learning the quilt with ruler method instead), it's a goal that isn't so lofty and much more hopeful.
It's a Janome Memory Craft 500e embroidery machine.
My newest drool. 

I chose this one specifically because of all of these rulers. I wanted a large area because I am wanting to embellish quilts with embroidery. Most machines have a 5 x 7 area but I needed larger. This one works for what I want.  You wouldn't believe what I have up my sleeve for someday.
I've already designed a few.
Yes I have. 

So that machine will be mine someday.
But first I need to just create and sell.
Because just tonight Jerry had a much needed drug not approved by his brand new prescription plan. He came to me while I was writing this and told me that it cost $760 a month.
Sigh. NOPE. This is MY TIME.
And we will figure it out. Because I am NOT giving up on my dream.

I think I am going to move all of my patterns to craftsy as you all suggested. My website doesn't generate the monthly income that I need to pay for itself.
I don't know what to do about the paper kits.
I was thinking I could sell them in the mystery group on Facebook.
Do you have any great ideas for that?

Do tell.

And also tell me, when you've gotten in a slump what have you used to inspire you to start climbing the hill again?

Now I am going to leave you.
Because I still have 3 of my 4 FREE hours left.
I am going to strap on my boots and work on my 8 Shooters.
I'm pretty excited to do that.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 6: Switch your partner

Have you had fun square dancing? Well lets switch to triangles. 

I am so frustrated with ME because I was 4 clues ahead of you but I've not picked up sewing in weeks so I am now working on the same clue as you. I'll get ahead pretty quickly again this week though. 

Anyway, using your set 3 of 8 shooters, sew the small triangles to the stars. 

See? Mine aren't finished but I'm working on it: 

In a week. See ya then. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 5: Square Dancing

Sometimes you just gotta hang up your pistols and have a little fun!

How about we have us a little square dance today?

Lets begin with 8 Shooter Set ONE.
For this set you only have ONE star. Sew squares in four sections, skipping every other section.
Like This:

Then do the exact same thing with 8 Shooters Set TWO.
This time you will have four stars.

Like this:

Sing yourself a little hoe down, swing your partner tune and I'll see you in a week! 

Friday, March 31, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 4: A bit of background

Before we begin today's post it is important that you remember which of your 8 shooters is which. If you will remember we did 3 different sets, so label them as such.

Set one had a single 8 shooter and four sets of 6 point uncompleted stars. Label these as Shooter Set One.

Set two had four matching 8 shooters as well as double shots.
Label these as Shooters set 2:

Set 3 had four 8 Shooter Stars and some single shots.
Label these as 8 shooter set THREE:

And now with these all labeled properly, we can begin working on some back ground.
Before you cut your background, click on that 8 Shooters page and make sure that you have all your back ground pieces labeled properly as well, or you WILL get them confused. It is very important that you follow the fabric requirements and label them as such.

Today we will work on basting your SOLID MAIN BACKGROUND pieces.
For me, my solid main was black.
You will use this background for:
ALL of your giant triangles (36 all together).
32 of your small triangles (NOT all of them).
and 20 of your squares. (NOT all of them).

Use your favorite method to baste these pieces and I'll see you in a week. 
(It looks like a Jack-o-lantern face). 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The website: what to do?

Yesterday's post (about the disability) was important so that you would understand where I am coming from for today's post.

I go back and forth about my little quilt business. When I am at work, I get discouraged. I read emails from folks wanting this or that, and the five days that I go to work, I just really do NOT have any time at all to devote to quilting. (Because I homeschool the little guy before/after work. ) So, I think I should just pull the plug on the thing and let it go...

Then a day off rolls around and I think, "Why? " I LOVE designing, I LOVE quilting. I have this big machine for cutting papers and engraving stuff.  We, as a family, need money. So why would I do something stupid like that? And for a day, I work on it. Then I put it away until another day off rolls around. (Typically one day off a week belongs to Stephen and our nature or roam school studies, and the other belongs to errands and trying to quilt or sell things or whatever I can squish into a day. This week the "other day" belongs to blogging. Before I am finished I will have written about 8 blog posts between mine and Stephen's blog. )

So, lemme tell you where the problems are and maybe you can help me figure something out.

I currently pay $30 a month for a website, and I don't need to be paying that. I like that I can just put the PDF designs out there and you can just click and buy and then they auto send them but, honestly, over 90% of the time no one sees it on the confirmation email anyway and I end up having to send it. So I might as well move over to some sort of platform where I just send them anyway.  I dont really want to do this but if it will save $30 a month, then this person needs to save in anyway she can.

Also, the designs are often 25 cents or less. Well the shopping cart platform I switched to since not everyone seemed to be able to use the old one charges a 30 cent fee plus a percentage per transaction. Um... ya. losing lots of money there.

So it's just ridiculous. I shut the website down for a week while I contemplated a solution, but in that weeks time, my son got Strep and probably Fifths disease (hes going to the doc today), my daughter had a formal wedding reception and I managed to get a double ear and sinus infection. So I didn't do much solution contemplationisms this last week.

I had a request to get the website back up and running, so I did. But I need a better solution. Help me out folks. Give me some easy, quick ideas. Because I don't make $30 a month on my business right now. Nope I don't. Not even close. So lets find me a free website or... I just don't even know.

Talk to me peeps...

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

In the Hillbilly News: Disability Edition

Well, my husband has finally been approved for disability but that's not as good as it sounds. In some way it is wonderful (Starting in April he will finally have full coverage insurance and finally get back to treatments) and in other ways it comes with some devastating news. I am going to push real life numbers out here and be gut honest and some might say I am too open but really I don't care. *Shrug* It's life, why hide it? What if it helps someone to learn from it? So here goes:

Background: Many of you know this but it does pretty much decide our future so it needs touched upon again. Something like 11 or 12 years ago, Jerry's then wife, took the foster children they had in the home, dumped them on the doorstep of DFS, then took their two adopted children and jumped state. To buy her time she called the sheriff's office and made several false charges against Jerry. He was working at the PD at the time all this happened, so he was then hand cuffed to his desk for hours while investigations started. It took months, as he was a police officer, but eventually all charges were dropped. Of course this bought the nasty wife time. Time in which to jump state, and start proceedings to get child support. So now it was a battle between MO and AZ. Jerry tried all he could. This is when I met him. He had sunk all he had into getting his children back. But they weren't extradited back, so he lost all. I lost all with him and we went bankrupt. (This was over a several year process, in which time we were married, etc.) His lawyer told him not to follow them to AZ or she would just try it again. (During the entire thing, it was found out she, in fact, did try this before and LOST. Her child from that first husband contacted Jerry on Facebook. The father got custody and Jerry didn't even know about the whole situation until it happened to him. )

He's never had contact with his kids again. This is America. It happens. Look up Parental Alienation. It's a big deal.

Now, here is the problem with disability.

All this time, child support has built up. I am going to give real life numbers, cuz this is the truth of our situation.
We should have been awarded $34,000 in back pay. But back owed child support will take $18,000.
The problem is, long term disability also has to be paid back their entire portion. They said if we take the back pay then we are double paid for this time, so they get the entire $34,000. That's kind of hard to do when child support takes $18,000.
Which leaves us paying long term the difference. Somehow. I don't even know how.

Now lets look at his monthly disability that was awarded:

He was awarded $1260 a month. But child support will be garnished for their monthly which is $700. Plus we have to pay Medicare and Medigap. This leaves his monthly income at $400. Minus whatever the long term people are going to require. He was receiving $1700 a month on long term. We just suffered a $1300 (and then some) loss of income.

Thankfully I have received a promotion and raises at work. It helps a little but in now way comes close to covering this gap. Therefore, I have a couple of HUGE prayer requests:

1) MO is fighting AZ in court about the child support. Again. Prayers please that the child support is dropped for good. The children already receive SSI for being adopted with disabilities (as infants.) One of the children is 19 years old. The children will get part of the disability awarded to Jerry's children. (it has to be divided between them all, so Stephen will only receive a small portion. ) The ex is head charge nurse over some unit so she's financially just fine. We need the child support dropped. Period. He's not seen, talked to, heard from the children in 12 years, so for once let's pray the courts do the right thing here.

2) We need to purchase our home. We need to get a new roof and a few other things in the loan, but the loan should only be for $60,000 or so. If we cannot get this loan, I just don't even know our next step. We are awaiting the child support decision before we attempt the loan. But, by purchasing, it should drop what we pay a month by several hundred dollars. If we cannot get the loan we will be forced to move to public housing. Jerry will lose his tools, I will lose my quilting business for good ( I am still struggling it along, waiting for the day when I can devote more time to it...especially since our family really needs this income), and our family will lose our dog. I cannot let this happen to Stephen. No way.

3) I have to get three years of taxes done. Asap. Ive drug my feet because I am NO accountant. I loathe it and I don't understand all the ins and outs of the tax stuff. It stresses me to no end. Like big time stresses me but I can't buy a home with three years of taxes needing done.

So there it is, all in its out in the open glory. Sometimes I am not real proud to be an American. Sometimes I get really disgusted by 'the system'. Just sayin'.

A Tutorial Request

I received a message on Facebook asking how to stitch up one of the hexagon designs. Now as most of you know, I've sort of let them fall by the wayside, given that they are promoted so heavily by you know who. But I am always willing to help anyone, so here is a quick little post on how to stitch Y seams using the English Paper Piecing method.

Of course EPP is by far the easiest method for sewing tricky seams (although some would argue that Foundation Paper Piecing is the easiest method...and, yes, I agree I do like that method as well. But not for all patterns).

The lady that messaged is going to make the hexagons into jar grabbers. I tried to google a pattern for them but came up empty handed. I would assume you just layer as normal and add some of this stuff to the back before you sew the layers together:

Begin just like any other EPP project, baste. If you don't know how to baste, you can find glue basting or sew basting videos on YouTube. I have some glue basting videos out there. 

Once you baste you are just going to attach one half hexagon to the hexagon, sewing right up until you have nothing left to stitch. (Note the red arrow. I stopped and knotted my stitching there.)

Next you are just going to bring in the next piece and sew the directions of the blue arrows. Make sure to knot the beginning and end of each intersection. 

Once you have one direction pieced, yes you have this little y seam gab to sew. It's not a problem at all! 

Just crease that paper and sew along! 

Continue all the way around, crease the paper, sew, repeat.
Again, knotting each intersection. 

This took me less than an hour while sitting and chatting with my next door neighbor.
Easiest method ever for pesky Y seams.