Tuesday, October 31, 2017

8 Shooters 24: Set two

 When we last left, I begged you to please share with me your middle block before I moved on.
Here is my middle block if you will remember right. 

So I've been waiting and a waiting and... well I guess I better just move on.
Lone Ranger style.
That's ok. I like being alone.

When I designed this quilt, I wanted to use some quilt blocks that everyone has seen.
Blocks that are out there in the quilt world, but not often seen in the EPP world.
I don't understand why EPP has to be just hexagons or dresdens!
I know there are other designs out there, but they are few and far between.

So I grabbed some classic blocks and designed a fun quilt that would show case fabulous fussy cut fabric.

That being said, let's move on to your 8 shooters: SET TWO.
Of these you had four 8 shooters plus 16 double shots.

We are going to combine them with these tonal bat wings: 

To create FOUR of these fabulous blocks.
I absolutely love mine. The pink and orange may seem out of place but not in the big picture when I combine it with the other pink and orange later.

I am so glad that I chose the same color for my background... meaning the light and dark purple.
I love how the dark and light plays out in this block.

So make four of these:

See you in two weeks.
Even if I am a lone rider still. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

New Tricks up my sleeve

Do you have an embroidery machine?
I was gifted one for Mother's Day and it is my new baby that I love so much.
I've not even sewn one filled embroidery pattern on it yet.
That's not what I wanted the machine for, it's not my thing at all.

What I use it for is something called In The Hoop (ITH) designs.

These are often quilt patterns, or purses, or stuffed toys, that are sewn completely in the hoop. It makes it much easier, and faster. You don't measure and you cut after it's sewn.

Here are a couple of bags that I made in the embroidery machine, as well as a runner:

When I quit my job at the grocery store, it wasn't without knowing that I need to supplement my income. My work will come to times when they cut us down to 24 hours a week. And when that happens, I still need to pay the bills.

I started a new Facebook page called, "Old Mom, New Tricks." 

I'll be selling mainly children's educational toys and imagination builders.
Two different ladies believed in my concept so much, and knew that it would be a great way to help out my family that they stepped up to help me get started. One bought $60 in mask patterns for me!!
The other is purchasing me some supplies.

This was my answer. Then I knew I was doing the right thing.

I cannot wait to start making toys.
Here are a few items that I've made so far...with many more to come: 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The freedom of being FREE

Now, you might think this post is about our Nation and everything that is going on it it, but it's not.

There are enough posts about that anywhere that you want to look.

This is more about self freedom.
And free quilt patterns (we will get to those in a minute.)

It's fall. Everything happens to our family in the fall.
Jerry has had all 9 of his strokes in the fall, but not all in the same year.
He was diagnosed with Chron's in the fall.
He was diagnosed with end stage liver disease in the fall.
Each of these things happened in different years.
I start all my new jobs on the fall.
First it was the pumpkin patch, then the grocery store.
Now the photo lab. (The third largest photo lab in the country I might add.)

So, I've been waiting...holding my breath to see what else would happen this fall.
I mean, I did get my new job and it's amazing.
I get to work ALL ALONE at night running three presses. The best part of that is the being alone part. The running of the presses is not so easy. But, I'm learning.

Still, it's fall. What will happen to Jerry? Something ALWAYS does.
Well, he has fallen multiple times. Like worse than ever, that man falls all of the time.
Oh and I guess he did spend a week in the hospital.
Should I quit holding my breath? Is that IT? To us a week long hospital stay is nothing. Routine almost. That can't be it. But maybe, yet...?

You see, I have trust issues.
After 7 years of drama, and just last spring losing my car, home and business, I just don't trust anything.
My lack of trust was causing me to hang on to my grocery store job. I am tired of not being able to feed the family. We recently had to borrow money to pay to keep the utilities on. So now we are paying that back as well as utilities.
You might be surprised to know what we've lived on. It's not what I would like, but it's food.
My car is a year 2000. It has issues. I have to trust it for my commute, but I don't like to.
I used to be amazing at trusting... but not anymore. I fail in that area now.

So I didn't want to give up the grocery store job. I wanted to work it on the weekends.

But my husband begged. And begged. And begged. For me to quit.
I posted on FB and asked opinions.
They all knew my situation about recently losing everything though, and they said to keep the second job.
(Oops, forgot to tell you that sometimes my new job will have slow periods where my hours will get cut.)

But Jerry still begged. I was supposed to work at the grocery store yesterday. If I had then I would've worked 52 hours this past week.
Jerry had a really rough night Friday night and none of us got sleep.
I didn't go into work yesterday. He got his way, I quit my job.
The family was so exhausted by the time we fell into bed last night, that little Stephen slept 14 hours.
He's never done that.
Mom was home, dad was safe in bed. And Stephen finally felt rested.
That little guy shoulders the responsibility TOO TOO much when I am gone. He always worries about his dad, and he gets mad at himself for not being around if Jerry falls. So we've been hiding the falls from Stephen.
I haven't shown you a photo of my little man for a long time have I?

Well that is because I basically quit blogging. Many of you know that I love to blog.

So that is what this post is about.
Freedom to do what I want.
Last night after Stephen fell asleep and Jerry was tucked into bed, I propped myself up in bed and thought about life a bit.

And I was happy.
I am free from working two jobs. This coming week we will FINALLY have a full paycheck from the new job and things will be better.
I am considering doing crafts on the side to make up for the time when work is slow and my hours get cut.
More about that tomorrow.
I was going to blog about that on this post but I've been too wordy as it is.
I'll also talk about those free quilt patterns. I think I'll blog for several days this week.

Because now I am FREE to do that.
Last night I was thinking that now I am FREE now to sew more. I didn't know what I wanted to do first!
EPP? Machine Embroidery? Knit?
EPP won out. It does most often if I have time alone without the house running full of boys. (Like it is now...I am hiding in my sewing room. A house full of 7 year old boys is something to run from.)
And it hit me...I will finally be free to sew what I want, when I want.
With the new job I work ten hour days (or nights I should say.)
I'll be off for three day weekends and THEY WILL BE FREE!
I have the entire day to sew today!

Oh, and before I go enjoy my free time today, would you like to see how much my little Stephen has grown?

Here are a couple of photos. Don't mind his long hair. He wants to grow it long. And in our home he has the freedom to do so. (Daddy's arm had to be twisted about that.)
Because in my life, I have learned to not worry a bit about trivial things like length or color of hair.

Oh better, yet, I just made this video as "Public".
It is of Stephen at a recent Fall festival where he got to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, make his own rope, try sorghum molasses, among other things.
Go have a look. He's growing up. Bittersweet.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

8 Shooters 23: The Middle of the End!

I figured after the last blog post I owed you an awesome blog post.

So how about we put a little block together this week? 

Grab your 8 shooter and other SET ONE pieces and assemble it into this block.

This block will be in the very MIDDLE of your quilt.
I actually am in love with mine. 

Don't worry if it doesn't lay flat yet, or measure out to 12" perfectly yet.
As we remove papers and sew to others sections it will help alot.

We will be doing a lot more assembly now.
But I need something first from you.
In fact I need to hear from at least SOMEONE how far along you are before I blog the next post.

I will be honest.
It is discouraging to put all this time into this (even if I am behind in sewing I put TONS of time into the design itself) , only to NOT hear A THING from those sewing along.

So, you give to me and I'll give to you.
I see no point in posting another clue if I am the only one sewing along.

Sorry, I know those are a bit of stern words but I've been begging WEEKLY.
If you don't know how to take a photo and post it on the fb group then reply here in the comments.
Just talk to me.
Or something.

No more clues until you do.
Thanks for understanding.

(This would be why the mysteries will discontinue for at least six months while I decide if they are worth putting the work into them.) 

Signed... the discouraged Ms Hillbilly.
I KNOW this has drug out a long time, but it's hand sewing folks. It takes a long time.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 22: SHOT DOWN!!!!



I goofed.
I cannot apologize for this enough, but it did fit the theme after all. I mean, injuries do happen and one has to be careful with guns!

When I started this mystery I had every intention of staying ahead of you, but I've given up on that and now I just take photos of the next step, without even sewing them out.
I started that new job and my husband is still on the sick side of life (in other words he's been downhill for the last few months), and I never sew. If I do its to pop a project into the embroidery machine and let it run while I get ready for work.

This has caused me to re-think everything and as soon as this mystery is done I am stepping away for awhile.
IN THE MEANTIME.. you are going to have to frog stitch (seam rip).
That is if you have caught up to where I am...which I wouldn't know because no one posts photos in the facebook group, so maybe you aren't even at this step yet.

Regardless, you have these half shooters out of your light and dark matching tonals:

You need to remove that middle triangle.

And instead place two triangles on the edges so that they look like little bat wings.
(Hey just trying to match the season here).

DO this with ALL of these two toned half shooters.
I am so sorry.. I don't know what I was thinking but obviously it wasn't good.
I'll change the page that this was first posted on to reflect the proper way to sew these.

Get along little doggies.
Don't hate me.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 21: Shoot sharply

My ride is down! 

Well actually my ride is a super old Buick and its due to break down again. Thankfully it happened before I started the new job.  But yesterday I was tied up trying to get rides to work and trying to figure ways to drum up money for repairs so that I CAN start my new job here in a week and a half and FINALLY make some decent money.

Anyway, when the new job happens I'll get more time to sew.
(Take the current work schedule for instance... I'll be working 8 days straight... who can find time to sew in that??? my son will be so desperate for my attention by the time the 8th day rolls around! )
But its all good... the new job I'll work a set schedule and get real live days off. Like the same every week.
Anyway, all my rambling to say that I, again, didn't get to sew so you'll just have to take my unsewn lined up photos and do what you do.. make beauty!

First you need to get those two toned 8 Shooters... the last ones that you made.

Attach the little feather thingies to four sides, but
all the way around, dark to light and light to dark.
Well, not all the way around, just on four sides.
Do this four ALL FOUR of your last 8 shooters. 

Then attach one feather thingie to the half shooter.. again light to dark and dark to light. 

Take the half shooters and now attach single trapezoids to the sides as below.
Again, match light to dark and dark to light.
Do this for all 8 of your half shooters.

Finally we are going to do the same for your double shots.
Attach a trapezoid, matching light to the dark and a dark to the light.
Do this for all four of these double shots. 

This should be enough to keep you busy for two weeks.
I certainly will be busy for two weeks.
I am guess you know what these pieces will become in the final steps.
We are almost there folks. 

By the time we meet again (Wed the 27th I think), I will be at my new job!!
I can't wait to see what it is like! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 20: Studs

You know, since we are winding down and finishing up, getting ready to ride off into the sunset before long... it's time to fancy up a bit.

Are you all about bling?
If you were to have star-studded shoes, would you wear these?

Or is this more to your taste?

This hillbilly would never wear any star studded anything I am afraid. 
(I might put a star in the outhouse door). 

Ok so do you remember these half shooters?
You've got a pile of them.
16 in fact.

And you've got a pile of these studs.

Not those kind of studs.
THESE kind of studs :
(I know they look more like triangles but just work with me here...)

Now you can turn your half shooters into half star studded.. um... shooters?
So, yes... make all 16 of these star studded half shooters.


I know I know...
All you can think about is riding off in the sunset with your stud...

I'll just see you in a week.
I would say ten days but I totally messed that up last week and forgot the Saturday thing.
I blog this on Tuesday usually (my day off) and set it for Wednesday.
So let's just stick with next Wednesday.
See you then.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 19: Small Town Charm

This was a crazy week! I don't know about you but I was right in the path of Totality, and that created craziness!  

The craziness was from ALL those out of town people coming into our little grocery store and buying it up. The lines were long and it lasted for DAYS!!!

So I never got to sew this week at all. Then I was rushing home from work tonight to at least get this posted, only to find out that tomorrow my husband has to be at KU at 7:30. Awesome. Didn't know that. I am going to get to bed about 1:30 am and have to be up at 6 am.

THEN tomorrow night there is a big sale at work. A six hour sale. Those usually bring people out in droves. I mean, seriously the grapes are 89 cents a pound. Who wouldn't want that?!
So it was going to be my day off, and now I am working overtime. Money is good. Grapes are good.
It's all good.

Except that on Saturday I am going to a sale to try to sell off all my business supplies. So I have to be up at 6 and gone after not getting home til midnight Friday night.
Then right after the sale I head straight to work. So I'll be gone that day from 6 am to midnight. Same as I'll be gone tomorrow from 6 am to midnight.

And I dont have another day off until next Tuesday.
And I gotta school the boy.
This is going to be one tired shooter.

And I am trying to get the new website up for those of you wanting the mystery PDF. I just don't know as it can happen this week. I just don't think it can. Because I wont be home hardly at ever at all, but I'll see how much I can do on the go. Maybe I can get it working via mobile tomorrow.
I might have to give up on the sale on Saturday. I just don't even know at this point.
Anyway let's get to the point.

Clue 19!

Let's work on our western town. 

Mine was just slapped down and the photo shot.
I didn't get to stitch it yet.
But you can stitch it up while I am all over The Wild West of Kansas City this week.
Use your 8 Shooter Set 3 and give it some buildings!
You will have 4 Western Towns to make.
Sort of like this but not just slapped down for a photo shoot.

I think it is rather awesome. Can't wait to sew mine.
See you in ten days for the next clue cuz I just cannot make it back to this one horse town any faster than that. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 18: Shooting Cross?

A few notes before we get to the clue:

1) THE WEBSITE has been shut down permanently. It was costing me too much a month and losing money each and every month. My family (with all its changes) simply cannot put money into this right now. I WILL BE OPENING an etsy shop very soon, so stay tuned.

2) I haven't written on the blog about the family in quite some time. I am sorry, I just sort of rely on Fb for that and don't blog about it very often anymore. The short of it is Jerry is for sure doing worse, has spent time in the hospital and we will be traveling back and forth to KU a lot for a while. But, we are quite used to that and have been on an up and down coaster for a long time with him now, and now I don't even worry. I expected him to be gone a long time ago, and we are grateful that he has been given much more time and probably years to go! Modern medicine is amazing. BUT, this also means between work, and schooling and spending time at the doctors and doing all the house work (he used to help some but can't right now), I AM A BUSY BUSY person. So I am slow to respond and such, and I am sorry.

3) With the changes and with me losing a good portion of my business I've been back and forth about closing down for good, but that WILL NOT HAPPEN. I cannot let the last little spark of my dream be squelched. So, I am fanning that tiny, ity bitty spark and I still have ideas and such on the way. Just be patient with me, slow and steady.

4) Give aways. I tried to do a giveaway of supplies in my facebook group but I've not been able to swing the money to ship their winnings yet. I am sorry, money is so super tight and my co-workers and friends have been buying groceries for us even! So until this disability mess gets straightened out, I cannot even host giveaways except PDF files, because I simply cannot afford to mail them out to you.

5) Lets get to the good stuff. PDF files will make a greater comeback and they will be in the ETSY shop, but I'll host random freebies in the facebook group so be sure to join the fun!!!!




This week we are going to use your 8 SHOOTERS SET TWO.
You have four of them.
You will also need your matching DOUBLE SHOTS arrows.
You have 16 of them.

Join the "arrows" to the 8 shooters, being sure to join on the square that is the Matching background square, not the Main. (see the photo, you will understand what I mean.)

It looks like a cross of sorts. An 8 Shooter cross.
(and it looks rather cool I think)

Make all four of these up and I'll see you in a week! 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 17: Let's start putting it all together.

Any good western has a great ending of either the Cowboy riding of in the sunset with his new gal or his buddies off to a new adventure.

So let's get ready for that ride today. It will still take us several weeks, but we prepping for that sunset ride!

Lets start with SET ONE of your EIGHT SHOOTERS and matching 6 SHOOTERS.
(You will have one set ONE eight shooter and 4 matching 6 shooters).
Sew 'em all together like this: 

NOTE: The middle of the 6 shooter L's line up next to the MAIN solid background.

I am SO excited to see how yours look.
So here I go begging again.
GO SHARE YOUR SET one's once they are stitched up!

This was a quick sew. See ya Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 16: Feathers and Friends

 A few weeks ago we had us a little play of
"Cowboys and Indians".

But you know, often cowboys and indians would become friends.
They would team up to fight the rotten government or outlaws. 

So today lets team up with our friends and make some feathers.
You need to baste ALL of your trapeziods.
You will be using your other SOLID MATCHING BACKGROUND set.
Baste half of the trapezoids in the darker color, and half in the lighter color.

Then make little "feathers" by stitching  some of them together in pairs.
You will need ONLY 24 pairs.
Leave the other basted trapezoids as single pieces. 

For those of you that glue baste, this shouldnt take too long, but we need to give the ones that hand baste time to keep us so I'll see you in ten days.
Not this coming Saturday but the one after.

Have fun making feathers and friends this week!
Did I say please?
Do I need to dig out my sharp shooter?!
Hi Ho Silver Away! 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

8 Shooters Clue 15: The BIG shoot out!

Get your guns cleaned up and loaded!
Cuz here we go. Time for the BIG shoot out!

lets do some fussy cutting!
I am so in love with these.
Who ever thought a western shootout could end up so cool??
(Ok so maybe the guys always think westerns are cool...)

For the following, ALWAYS make sure that the lighter of your two colors is on the left, and that the darker of your two colors is on the right. ALWAYS.
This is very very important to the over all design.

First you will fussy cut four LARGE diamonds from each print ( Use the exact same fussy cut from
Both fabrics to make the mirrored image ) , and sew them together as double shots.

Now you are going to use the same fabric and fussy cut 16 LARGE diamonds of each , both the light and the dark , then make 8 half shots ( four diamond each ) as below . 
Remember to us the lighter color on the far left. 
Aren't these wonderful ?! 

Now let's make some more 8 Shooters! 
Again using both colors,
Make a total of four out of the LARGE diamonds. 
I couldn't decide which fussy cut version that I liked the best so I made two of each . Why not ?! 

So this week you will be fussy cutting , basting and stitching up some large diamonds.
You will be making 4 double shots , 16 half ( 4) shots and four 8 shooters.
You can certainly make all of these out of one single color as opposed to two but I think the two colors will look much more interesting. And fussy cutting is not necessary if you don't want to . 

I'll see you in tenish days. Not Wednesday but the one after as I think it will take some ten days to get all of these finished . 
I don't know the date as I'm sitting here in the dark at midnight writing this post . I'm so angry that I didn't get it done before midnight but you see, the power is out. And I was trying to hook up a hot spot and that wasn't going either .
I gave up and decided to finish this blog post mobile from my phone . Thank goodness I had started it early this morning before I went to work because for some reason blogger does not work good mobile and I can never get photos to work right . 
If it worked mobile then you all would get a lot more blog posts than you do now . Drives me batty that I can't blog well from my phone . 
Anyway ... have a blast shooting this week . 
I'm gonna sit and listen to the thunder and my husband's snores while I wait on power to be restored. I mean seriously I cannot be expected to sleep well without a fan. Can't happen. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

8 Shooters: Inventory Intermission (Photo Rich!)

Hats off to you if you have made it this far in our mystery!
I am super excited to keep going because I am ready to begin fussy cutting again. If you know me well, then you know I LIVE to fussy cut. Totally my passion.
So I decided to stop on these background pieces for awhile and pick up my awful perty blue coordinating prints.
But as I was sewing along, I realized...
we cannot piece these until THE VERY END.
Oh so sad! But exciting too because we will finish with a BANG for sure!

Only I am getting ahead of myself in excitement.
As I was sewing along, I noticed I have to keep referring back to my pattern just to make sure I am not more lost and confused than what is normal for me.
And then I realized you all do not have a pattern to follow and you are blindly following me so it would really not do well for you all to get lost and confused either!

So I decided it might be best to take a tiny (and I mean very tiny) Intermission.
I would like you to spend the next couple of days just taking a little inventory of what we have so far.
That way we can make sure we are all on the same lost and confused path to being the star of our 8 shooter show.

If you go way back in the beginning you will remember we started with making 8 shooter stars along with some coordinating stars.
As we went along we added some background pieces along the way, which brings you to the following:

Of Shooter set ONE you should have ONE 8 shooter that has been pieced with some background pieces:

And 4 coordinating 6 shot stars also with background pieces attached.

Of our SHOOTER SET TWO you should have four 8 shooters all with background attached. 

And 16 double shot arrows.

Our Shooter Set THREE should have four 8 shooters with backgrounds attached.

And 32 single shots just waiting on us to show them some love.

At this point, we have used a lot of background but we still have the following already basted but not yet stitched to our quilt yet.

you should have 36 Jumbo triangles basted and waiting. 

Oops forgot our little sqaure pyramid. These are made of both solid matching background set one squares. You should have 16 of these.

Of the lighter color you should have 64 small triangles basted.

and of the darker color you should have
4 medium basted triangles and
32 small basted triangles.

Next we moved to our coordinating A2, B2 and C2 tonals.
From the A2 and B2 we made sixteen of these 4 Shooters.

And from the coordinating C2 we made 32 little houses.

Finally lets take a look at what we haven't used yet.
Of course we have the coordinating A and B matching prints (mine are blue) that I showed at the top of this post.
A darker and lighter of each.


There, are you all fixed up and on the straight path or more cornfused than you was before you read this post?

I'll see you Saturday. Let's do some fussy cutting.
I'm all for it.
there is a button up top that says "8 Shooters" and it will take you step by step through the mystery.
Also there is a Facebook group where we like to share our progress.
Come join the fun!!