Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gettin' Busy!

I have a new pattern finished. This is actually an old pattern that I've redesigned with better blocks. Since it was called "Starry Beginnings" I wanted all the blocks to be star blocks to go along with the middle star. Star blocks are always very popular, so this pattern makes a nice choice for a beginner.
I hope that you can click on the photo and view it larger. I FINALLY quilted something and had great fun doing so.

 (please read and respond at the bottom of this post about a question I have concerning this pattern)

I was *trying* to get the block packaged and up for sale on the website before I told you about it but in the last two weeks since I finished the little sample, I've of course, in the true Ms Hillbilly style, had my share of road obstacles. For one, I am out of the diamonds and triangles needed for the pattern pack. I had a huge fight with my laser machine a couple of months ago when it decided to start a tiny fire. (common, they burn out right in the machine). But it was enough to frustrate me and not deal with it for awhile. Then I decided I need to just use the thing what I bought it for... cutting papers! So, to do so, I have to use one of these under the cardstock:

Only after having a fire, it was totally black and was leaving residue on the papers. So I read somewhere to try cleaning it in the oven. That sounded amazing to me. I stuck it in the oven, put it on self clean, and went to bed. Then I woke up the next morning, and had to remove it piece by piece. It was indeed very clean. But the glue holding it together couldn't withstand the extreme heat. So this is what MY honeycomb cutting mat looks like. 

Sigh. So I am awaiting on another to arrive from Ebay.
When it does arrive I am going to get to work packaging the papers and get the pattern pack ready to sell. It will be a very inexpensive pack with as it's just a small wall hanging or table mat.

While waiting, I decided it's high time to get some more PDF designs published for you.
So today I did a quick work of publishing this little guy. Remember I am publishing these in backwards order so that they are placed on my website in frontwards order. When viewing them, click on the little arrow to view them "newest first". You can do that HERE. 

Finally, back to this design: 

I want to give step by step instructions on how to stitch up each block.
Do you think that if I made a page tab on my blog, and link that on the page where I sell the pattern pack that it will be enough? Or should I try to publish it in paper? That would cost quite a bit more with all the color. I was thinking if I could just blog it, and link to it, then it would be there for them to view whenever. What do you think? 


  1. What about a PDF to print after they receive the pattern? There could be a password to get to open it.


  2. Wanda has a good suggestion. Oh dear your poor honeycomb..... looks like a lovely pattern.