Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Little Change mystery wise.

With the re-structure of my business, I am no longer making any income for my fabric/quilt shop. This was fine for awhile, as I needed a break. But, to be honest, I can't make a go of supporting my family on my little $10 an hour I make as a cashier so I've got to put my love of quilt design to work.

While I've always dreamed of using my patterns as a means to an income, the method of the dream has changed. I was going to build a quilt shop and devote it to EPP. Since I live near MSQC, this dream could very easily become a reality. But then, God said no. He does that sometimes, because His plans are bigger than our dreams. (Or maybe He's just saying No for now. I still live in the perfect location. I just work too much for this to be a reality at the moment. )

In the midst of all of God's saying No when it comes to my business, I still have a small dream tucked away. I have always wanted to travel to shops, guilds, and quilt retreats to teach people EPP and now I'd really like to offer mini mystery retreats. I know EPP is much more popular than it was five years ago when I started, so I am not sure this dream is any good anymore or not. Still it is a the little ember of a dream lingering in the midst of my having to leave the home and the quilt shop behind and go work full time. It flickers away, and keeps my inner quilt fire going, even if ever so slight.

Which brings me to my latest mystery. I am no longer bringing you FREE mysteries. From now on, I will be charging a minimal fee (this mystery is just $6.99) for the pdf file. The file will include all pdf templates for your papers, and will be necessary even if you purchase your papers elsewhere. The purchase of a paper pack will include the pdf file.

PLEASE, I have spent hours and hours preparing this mystery for you. Don't share the PDF or paper sizes with your friends. Please ask them to pay the minimal amount for this great mystery fun.
By the way, the PRICE OF THE PATTERN WILL INCREASE once the mystery is finished. So, purchase it now to get the lower rate.

The PDF will be available in just a few days. Get your eight shooters cleaned and ready!


  1. will be watching, though I already have a EPP hexie project underway but felt left out last time, if it's all in one paper kit, I might get it and follow along and see if I can keep up too

  2. Good for you!!! Your designs are fantastic and people will pay.