Friday, February 10, 2017


Yes Siree!
It is time to step right up for rip rollin, sparks flyin' new mysterious EPP Mystery Along With Hillbilly!

Coming soon: 

This mystery proves to be easy, or challenging.

Fussy cut, or no?

This mystery will be fun and different.

For several years now, the Wild EPP West has been dominated by hexagons but it is time to tame that Wild EPP West and branch out into something new. 

In just a few days I'll be announcing fabric requirements.


I was sewing along on my next pattern to release. It is the first of my "Big Easy" line of patterns, when I remembered a design I had started several years ago and it got pushed aside when my business life changed. I pulled the design out, brushed it off, did some design changes on it, and am now releasing it as an amazing new mystery.
(The big easy has been set to the side until after the mystery as I don't want to give away the design).

I've shown a photo of the pattern to several people and the response has been really great. One response made me smile from ear to ear:
" I love it! That mystery quilt will keep them guessing until the very last."

Ha! Perfect, that is exactly what I want!

So, strap on your spurs, clean your guns and get ready as this mystery is about to begin.

P.s. You will understand the sudden urgency when you see the fabric requirement post in just a few days.

Right now, just clean your guns, and be ready and SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Grab the photo and share it in facebook groups and on blogs and instagram and pinterest, with your guilds and with your sewing buddies!  

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